Hello and welcome to my small space here in the Blogosphere. I have been trying to work out where I am going with this site and this ‘blog’ thing. I started this back in 2018 or thereabouts if my memory serves me right. Back then I was full of the enthusiasm that comes at the beginning of starting something new or having a new toy. At last, here was somewhere that I could share my writing, my poetry and some of my photography. Lots of lovely people kindly followed, commented and read. For all the time given I am truly grateful. I originally named the site ‘Roses, Wrinkles and Rainbows’, and the actual blog was called ‘Today is the day…’ which was sort of my catchphrase for a long time. Then 2020 came and I felt totally lost with all manner of things including this site. I then renamed the site under my actual name as it is now. The blog, I then renamed ‘Scattered’ as that was how I felt. I wrote a post of the same name attempting at some explanation of how I was feeling. That was then, this is now. I am back on board because it sort of feels like the right time to start reusing my writing muscle before it wastes away and withers. Muscles need to be worked. I am not going to keep my blog title as ‘Scattered’ and hope to come up with a relevant title that captures the essence of what I am trying to do. This may not be the done thing but I am doing it anyway. This entire project has been about growing and developing my path to somewhere (not sure where yet lol). I am a work in progress as is this site and my blog. I truly am grateful for you popping by to see what, if anything is happening here in my small virtual space, and really hope that you will visit again. Take care, Stay safe as always!

Blessed be!

Liola x