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Hello and welcome to my own little space here on WordPress!

My name is Liola Lee. I am a child of the baby boomer generation having been born in 1962. So not young but not ready for a twin set and slippers just yet. To those who are still young, I am old, and to those that are old I am still a Spring Chicken as it were. Just depends on your perspective and where you are on the timeline that is life.

I have a broad based Undergraduate Degree in the Humanities and a Masters by Research Degree, also in the Humanities. I also trained as an exercise to music Teacher many moons ago, and also have a Life Coaching Diploma (a distinction I am pleased to say) My studies covered a wide spectrum of interests including Poetry, Literature and Drama. Also, Theology, History, (including Witchcraft),  Popular Memory, Cultural Geography, Desk Top Publishing which has now been supplanted by a love of Photoshop. So, yes, a wide and varied subject base which  is a reflection of me, and this site.

Photography is also a passion! I’m currently trying to get a photography site organised on here but so far it’s still in a planning or pre-planning stage. I will get there but ‘when’ is the million dollar question.

I think, the thing is, not all of us have a clearly defined path in life, and it is from trying different things, and experimenting with a variety of options, that we are eventually able to work out what it is specifically that we want. Such is me! 

My latest project has been a 30 Day Yoga Challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK. Who thought at 60 I would become a Yogini. I am loving this challenge which comes to an end during the next few days but as I am enjoying it so much, I have decided to continue on my Yoga journey and see where it takes me. The picture above is me doing a wide legged forward bend. My mantra for my Yoga is ‘Progress, not This is just some of me but not all of me. 

A few months back, I had moment of “something’, not sure how to describe it but I took all my posts down from here on a whim. I will be posting some of them back as I go, just to give them a home, and maybe provide something for you to read that maybe you haven’t read before. New material will also be added in time.

For all those people who have kindly followed me and continue to like, comment and support me, and encourage me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really are amazing! The Blogosphere can be quite overwhelming at times! 

Sending Blessings to one and all…

Blessed be!

Liola x


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