Hello World…


(Image captured by Liola @LiolaPhotographic 2020)

Hello World! A warm welcome to this rather small space that I occupy here on WordPress!

WordPress, incidentally is supposed to be one of the biggest platforms out there! So, when I call this a small space, it really is when you consider the size of the Blogosphere and the World Wide Web. 

This is just an ever so tiny speck of something much larger!

I am a child of the baby boomer generation having been born in 1962. Not young but not ready for a twin set and slippers just yet. To those who are still young, I am old, and to those that are old I am still a Spring Chicken as it were. Just depends on your perspective and where you are on the timeline that is life.

Life and time are precious gifts! Neither plain nor simple but rather miraculous really!

Not all of us have a clearly defined path in life. It is from trying different things, and experimenting with a variety of options, that we are eventually able to work out what it is specifically that we want. Such is me! 

The last few years have been unsettling to say the least. Understatement!!

We all have stories to tell, and tell those stories we should. 

2023 is here and now. What it holds for us all remains to be seen.

I have been trying to create something here this last four years (though neglected it this last few months if I am being honest), and it has changed shape and form on numerous occasions. This year I hope to at last to find my voice, my truth and my way.

For all those people who have kindly followed me this last few years, and continue to like, comment and support me, and encourage me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. That you are still here is quite something! You really are amazing! The Blogosphere/Web can be quite overwhelming at times! That said, I am here, I am now and for now remain.

Sending Blessings to one and all…wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year in 2023.

Blessed be!

Liola x