About me


Hello and a warm welcome to my site here on WordPress. I have been constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing this here site for close to three years or so. I have on occasion thought about deleting it altogether, and starting afresh but here I still am trying to figure things out, and gain some sense of direction and purpose. Nothing new there then.

When I first began posting on here, it really was just about showcasing some previous writings, pictures and musings about one thing or another. Just things that ignited my own imagination. There is not really any real structure to how or what I’ve posted but that’s fine. In reality, it’s pretty much a reflection of the workings of my life up until this point. The diversity of things I post tends to mirror my own eclectic personality. I never was very good at being pigeonholed or declaring myself as belonging to any particular niche. I have always hated labels feeling they can be too limiting and restrictive. So what now? That is a good question! So exactly who am I?

My name is Liola Lee. I am a child of the baby boomer generation having been born in 1962. So not young but not ready for a twin set and slippers just yet. To those who are still young, I am old, and to those that are old I am still a Spring Chicken as it were. Just depends on your perspective and where you are on the timeline that is life.

I have a broad based Undergraduate Degree in the Humanities and a Masters by Research Degree, also in the Humanities. I also trained as an exercise to music Teacher many moons ago, and more recently achieved a Life Coaching Diploma (a distinction I am pleased to say) My studies covered a wide spectrum of interests including Poetry, Literature and Drama. Also, Theology, History, (including Witchcraft),  Popular Memory, Cultural Geography, Desk Top Publishing which has now been supplanted by a love of Photoshop. So, yes, a wide and varied subject base which as I said is a reflection of me, and this site.

Photography is also a passion! I’m currently trying to get a photography site organised on here but so far it’s just in a planning or pre-planning stage. I will get there but ‘when’ is the million dollar question.

I think, the thing is, not all of us have a clearly defined path in life, and it is from trying different things, and experimenting with a variety of options, that we are eventually able to work out what it is specifically that we want. Such is me! 

I also have this tendency to take on more, and more and more! Need to curb that behaviour but not  happening yet.

I prefer coffee over tea, savoury over sweet, most of the time but of course it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. I love all types of music, read a wide genre of books, have a passion for  photography (I mentioned that already but worth mentioning again), and am privileged to own a beautiful Appaloosa Cob X named River. I have sisters that I adore, a lovely husband who is also my best friend and the best children, grandchildren , nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews. I am truly blessed! I also enjoy some beautiful friendships with a  few kindred souls.

This is just some of me but not all of me. Always good to create a little mystery.

So, I will continue using this platform with a view to finding out just what it is that I want to accomplish. It may be one or more likely many things. Only time will tell. 

For all those people who have kindly followed me and continue to like, comment and support me, and encourage me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really are amazing! The Blogosphere can be quite overwhelming at times! 

All that said, I am going to continue here for a while and see how things shape up or not as the case may be.

Sending Blessings to one and all…

Blessed be!

Liola x