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Rainy Days are not so bad…

Umbrellas are up and the rain has been pouring relentlessly on this saturated Sunday in September 2018. It is a far cry from the sizzling sunshine, and soaring temperatures of a few weeks ago; when  Summer was scorching my lily white skin, and attempting to transform me into something akin to a sun-ripened human tomato (…think red, think  burnt, think a ‘is that sore? sort of scenario). Fast forward to now, and we have returned to the oh so familiar territory of wind, rain and wellies. What is this obsession we have with the weather here in ‘old Blighty’? I mean it is nearly always, more often than not the general topic of conversation we have between ourselves and anyone else we care to stop and chat to whether we know them or not, pun most certainly intended. That said, we have enjoyed a spectacular Summer season with day after day of rocketing temperatures. The last time I recall such a hot, dry sunny spell without flying off to some distant shores was back in the Summer of 1976 when we officially had a drought  declared no less. There was even a Drought Act passed in Parliament that year, and a Minister for Drought duly appointed just to demonstrate  the seriousness of the situation.  Hot weather is great on the most part but when the heat becomes extreme, things can become heated or more to the point overheated. In 1976, there were standpipes in the street where people carrying buckets were having to queue for water. I am sure there are many of the Baby Boomer generation that recall this only too well. I remember Second hand bath water only too well, as water was such a cherished commodity for that short and sticky period of time, ‘ew’ I hear some of you younger ones cry but that was the way it was. You did what you had to do without question and without wingeing.  So today, many of us will have bemoaned the return of the rain but without the rain we would not enjoy the sunshine half as much! Rainy days are not so bad…but we do like a bit of Sunshine too!

© Liola Lee 2018

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September 2018
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