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Month: December 2018

Hugh’s Story

Hugh Montgomery Howatson 11/04/1923 – 29/12/2013 ‘ A man who inspired…’ Hugh was a truly amazing Man, and a beautiful human being! He was good, he was kind, he was […]
Hugh’s Story

Through the snow…

Through The Snow ‘Straight’ A student once, A girl with dreams, girl with chance; Chance of doing something great Then a puppet with puppet’s fate. Once in charge, once in […]

Memoirs ~ Addicted

It’s coming up to 10.30pm on a Thursday night- The date is 8th August 1991; a date that will be remembered in British history as that on which John McCarthy, […]

Girl in me…

However old we get, our inner child is always within us. If we look closely in the mirror we will see her… There once was a girl,  a long time ago, […]

Today is the day ~ Fat

I have made a decision. It is one that I have made from time to time over the years at various stages of my life. At times, that decision has […]


Pour the coffee love,                      I’ve not got long; make it hot, make it strong. I’m late for work, hurry up! […]

Memoirs ~ Head Sore

Class six proved as ineffectual educationally as class four. I don’t really remember learning that much in either class, as most of the time the teacher was shouting at the […]