Pour the coffee love,                     

I’ve not got long;

make it hot,

make it strong.

I’m late for work,

hurry up!

Pour it out,

fill my cup.

My caffeine fix,

hits the spot.

Espresso now!

Another shot.

Please some more,

I need it now.

Another hit,

final bow?

Jacking in my job,

I’ve other things to do


chasing dreams and dragons


you can join me too.

I’m good at needlework

these days;

moved on from

drawing lines;

I’m tracing tracks


all the time

too much

I bow.

© Liola Lee 2007

Many of us may find ourselves addicted to something in our life times. It could be cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, coffee, sugar, gambling, spending or any number of other things. try not to judge because you could be them!






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