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Today is the day ~ ‘It’s today…’

So what do I write about? They say you should write about what you know but I find myself continually asking my self what do I know about that would be of interest to anyone else? I mean really know about? I have spent years trying this, that and the other and truly feel like a ‘Jack of all trades’ and ‘Master of none’. If that sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself then I apologise. That’s certainly not my intention. I have always had a somewhat eclectic type of personality, and in some ways that’s good but sometimes I feel I just over extend myself, spread myself too thin, take on too much and then get nothing done or not enough. So today, I have decided to do things differently.

So what is my intention? If I can work out my intention, I will apparently sow the seeds of something, though what that specific something is as yet I am still trying to figure out. I shall not be deterred. I shall sow that seed, I shall water it, nurture it and hopefully grow it into something beautiful,  something wonderful, and something to be proud of.

Today then, is the day when I shall take that blank page and change my story!

Wishing you all a creative day!

Today is the day’ …was a collection of musings I wrote during the Peri menopause years. It’s spoken in the first person, and was based largely on my journal entries written around that time. Journalling is a wonderful way to express this, that and whatever else needs to be said whether aloud or silently…

I have decided to bring ‘Today is the day’ into the 21st Century. The past is done. Yes it will always have it’s place and will pop up from time to time and that’s fine but it’s time to stop over dwelling on it and to be here and now. It’s today that counts. Who I was yesterday is not who I am today, at least not if I don’t want it to be.

© Liola Lee 2019

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  1. I love this Liola and I can so relate to it, many times have I mused alike in my journals.
    Can I be so bold as to suggest something? What about putting your header (The two italicized paragraphs beginning “Today is the day…” as a footer instead? The reason I say this is because in WP Reader, which (for me on my blog at least) brings most of the readers, the first lines of the post are what show in the preview. So if the preview showed the first lines of the actual framed text (e.i. the paragraph in this post beginning, “So what do I write about? They say…”), it would “draw us in” more immediately. I know I said before that I like your method of framing old journal entries, since I have oft wondered how to do the same, but having seen them regularly now in my feed (and tbh sometimes skipping past them since I don’t know what the actual post contains), I wonder if they would get more of the attention they deserve if you moved the framing to the bottom of the post? Just thoughts…. 💛 Hope you don’t mind my honesty/interference sent with love.

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    • Thank you so much Nadine! Your honesty/interference sent with love is welcome and truly appreciated! Strangely, I had been thinking about changing something but was not sure what. I think you make a valid point and your suggestion may be just the thing! I shall give it a try and see what happens. Once again thank you! Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to help us see! Best wishes, Liola 🙂

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      • Thank you Liola for your gracious reply! I agree another pair of eyes can be just the thing… I remember my dad used to proofread and comment on all my writing (when I was living with my parents while attending university) and that was so helpful… I miss that. Thanks again and best wishes xoxo 😊

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  2. I share your thoughts. After many years of poetry, I have found that it only takes one word or one sentence to begin a story. Now, after writing two novels, I lust after writing and what adventures some new characters will lead to discover about myself and my weird imagination. I struggled with creativity for most of my life as I wrote in my other blog, I found that writing memoir about this journey about my creative path was healing in many ways. I try to write a little every day, albeit , there is no new novel on the way, but maybe some short stories. Keep it going. Start with one word . . .


  3. Thank you so much Ed! Sometimes I feel I begin many stories, and then do not go on to complete them as I feel they are lacking. I need to develop far more self discipline in my writing and follow things through! I definitely find journalling or rather reading back through my journals healing! To have written two novels shows true commitment! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I shall keep going and see where it leads me… best wishes. Liola 🙂


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