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Rebel without a cause…

I started this website back in September with lots of enthusiasm but not much else. I had absolutely no idea really what to write about. I just wanted to write. I thought for a while after the initial springboard into the blogosphere, I would for now use it as a vehicle to showcase for want of a better word some of my old writings, musings and poems which is precisely what I have done. Whether that is a good thing or not, I am none too sure? It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Apparently, there are it seems rules to the art of blogging of which I knew nothing about. Firstly, it appears a blog post should be no more than 350 words in length; secondly you should post everyday, and if you want to write articles you should move to another format. I am therefore maybe not a blogger but something other than a blogger. Maybe I am a wannabe blogger or just simply a wannabe something, rather than a somebody doing nothing.

Looking back on what I have posted so far I have exceeded the aforementioned word count on most occasions, my posts are more article than blog, and as for posting everyday, definitely not guilty. Therefore, I have by my own admission broken all the rules but then there is an old saying, and I quote, ‘Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind’ (Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964). Here, before I dig myself a deep hole, and get myself virtually lynched, I must say I am not calling anyone lazy. I am then perhaps a rebel without a cause.  I have always been a little rebellious, mostly just because I do not always like to be told what to do or how to do it. I like to find out for myself and learn from my own mistakes, at least that is what I have always told myself.

As for mistakes I am definitely a world champion. Many years ago I worked for a retail bank. The bank was one of the big four in the UK at the time, the time being sometime during the 1980s when hair was big, and shoulder pads were in. The bank in its wisdom decided to introduce a uniform to create a more corporate image. If I am to be honest, it was in fact a smart uniform. There was actually nothing wrong with it, other than it was a uniform, and I did not want to wear the same as everyone else. We, the staff were told that it was not compulsory to wear the said uniform. I decided that I would not wear the uniform as it was my choice or so I thought. It may not have been compulsory but I made the wrong decision as I was to find out. The Area Manager was called down, and I was sent in to discuss my decision not to wear the uniform. Rather than just say I did not want to wear it as it was not compulsory, I told him that I would never wear a skirt that length (it was below the knee). I told him I wore short skirts, and that I would just not be happy wearing a longer skirt. It just was not me. I thought by saying that, the issue would be closed and I could go about my business as usual. The meeting came to an end and I returned to work.

A few weeks later I was recalled once more to see the Area Manager. Wondering what I had done this time, I entered the office. I was there presented with my newly altered uniform. The skirt had been taken up a number of inches, and was now pretty much a mini skirt. Did I wear short skirts really? No, not at all but here I was being given the uniform that I had said I would wear if the skirt was shorter. When I said it, I never thought for one moment they would actually do it. They had called my bluff, and now I  had to wear the damned thing. This was just one mistake of many. Sometimes we break the rules for the right reasons, and sometimes we break what we perceive to be rules because we are just being bloody minded. Sometimes we break the rules, and they come back and bite us on the bum.

So, what exactly I am I trying to say here in a really cack handed sort of way ? I think what I am trying to say is that yes, there most likely are rules to blogging, and for the most part they probably work for most people, and that’s great! For me though, I am still trying hard not to wear that uniform. That said, I do not want to wear that mini skirt either. I just want to find something that suits me and fits with the me that I am now.

Copyright Liola Lee 2019

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February 2019
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