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~ The Three Friends ~

Bullying has to stop! ‘The Three Friends’ written by new children’s Author Samantha Howatson. A must buy if you have children, godchildren, nieces or nephews! Oh and pets! A really beautiful story of three friends! Grey the Rabbit, Bella the puppy and Sherlock the Budgie. I read it yesterday for the first time, and have to say one of the best children’s stories around today! It tackles the subject of bullying, being different, and being the ‘Other’ on a level which children can understand and relate to! In addition, it is also beautifully illustrated by the Author. It educates them on how it is okay to report bullying. Definitely one for the bookshelf!

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      • I had thought I had posted a short book review this morning. Somehow, the review did not get posted. It really is a lovely book! She has produced a beautiful children’s book. Both her son and my daughter were bullied at school as are so many children. I read it for the first time yesterday and was swept away. I feel inspired! It has been published by Jelly Bean Books

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      • Thank you! I named my daughter Samantha too, after my sister. Howatson is our maiden name. It is a good old fashioned Scottish name, though on our father’s side we are of Anglo-Indian descent as well as Scottish. Her book is published by Jelly Bean Bean Books at
        The ISBN number is 978-1-912535-47-7 🙂


      • Thanks Liola! 😊My “Author name” comment was actually a (albeit poorly-phrased) question, since you hadn’t mentioned your sister Samantha’s last name, in that first comment, and I’d tried to find it without the author name, via the general link you left in the comments above, for Candy Jar Books, but failed. I see you have posted the author name and description of the book now, directly in the post, instead of just the photos as it was before, so now it all makes sense — though perhaps my comments no longer do 😉😆.

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      • No worries Nadine! Any confusion was down to me! I should have checked what I had posted. Just trying to help my sister promote it! Anyway, sorry for any miscommunication! I really did enjoy the interview with Akarsh! He is a truly talented Storyteller! It was a really engaging piece between the two of you, and even though it took place over a period of time, the structure worked! 🙂

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      • Oh this is so kind, thank you Liola! Let us know when the book becomes available, I did check the site again but it doesn’t seem to be on there yet. xoxox

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