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Moon Magic…

Saturday saw a Full Blue Moon here in the UK. The Flower Moon, also known as the Milk Moon, The Hare Moon and The Corn planting Moon. I did not actually see it, if I am honest with you but it was there somewhere. The Moon is a very powerful entity! It is said that the Moon can affect our moods, as well as the tides. You hear the term Lunar Effect and Moon Madness, by the light of the Moon and of course Moon Magic. Mankind has always been mesmerised by this beautiful satellite, at least I think it is the Earth’s satellite, so much so that we sent men up to the Moon. There was a time when sending men up to the Moon was just a pipe dream, and people did not believe it was at all  possible. It became reality, demonstrating that dreams can and do come true, and that anything is possible. The appearance of a Blue Moon is said to be much more powerful than a normal Full Moon. We can apparently expect good times, good luck, and good karma to come our way with the appearance of a Blue Moon. I guess though, it helps to believe in these things. I for one do believe in these things. I believe in Magic and know we all have it within our power to make Magic in our worlds. We get to create our own realities! It really is up to us!

blue moon

In wolf symbolism we are reminded to trust our hearts and minds, and that we have control over our own lives. Again, something from our natural world teaching us that we can achieve anything, if we focus our attention on the goal, whatever that goal may be. We can learn much from the natural world! If you have a dream or a goal that you want to achieve, focus on it, give it your full attention, believe you can achieve it, act like you already have it, and watch the Magic happen! Just take that first step. Whether that is signing up for a course, a class, an event, applying for a new job, changing direction, writing a book, just take that first step. A dream/goal  begins with an idea, a vision, a seed, and then it is up to us to nurture it, and watch it grow. Every journey begins with a single step! So take that first step today!


I wish everyone a brilliant week! May your dreams come true!

© Liola Lee 2019

All the images here are mine. The Blue Moon was a picture I captured of a Super Moon last year but I changed it’s colour in Photoshop. The Wolf image was captured on a recent trip to Longleat Safari Park, and the image at the top was the two images blended together in Photoshop, something I have been teaching myself to do. I hope you like them.

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    • Thank you! I ran my own very small Photography Business for a bit alongside other interests but was working at a loss so although I am still happy to take commissions, I mostly do it for pleasure! Am totally self taught! My Dad was a brilliant analogue Photographer! I love Photography and am trying to combine it with my writing. I guess I am trying to get the best of both worlds! lol xoxoxo


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