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Month: August 2019

Blog on!

When you suddenly come to the long overdue conclusion that you have actually  been doing this blogging thing all wrong! Or maybe going about it in the wrong way! Yep, […]


Ill-chosen lyrics, a well-loved tune? Child of the Sun, child of the Moon? Where once reigned daylight Now shadow led night. Where once there was vision Eyes blind without sight. […]

Sister Bitch

The pain and suffering caused to those The accusations, that were imposed The broken ties, hearts and bonds, Loving friendship thus absconds.   The twisted tales and lies were told […]

Child with a tear…

So much destruction, so much despair, wherever you look, are those who don’t care. All about money, all about greed, all about oil, not how we grow feed.   Powerful […]


© LiolaPhotographic 2019 Elephants are considered to be a good luck symbol all over the world. They symbolise strength, family, loyalty, endurance and so much more! Truly magnificent animals!! Image […]

Zebra 2

© LiolaPhotographic These are the other two Zebra images I manipulated in Photoshop. It was all about showing that we can see the same things from a different perspective if […]
Zebra 2

Shalom Jackie

Shalom Jackie, is a phrase used by Jim when Jackie answers the door to his knocking, in the comedy Friday Night Dinner. If you have never seen it, you are […]


Zebra image captured by LiolaPhotographic 06/07/2019 at Colchester Zoo, Essex   It’s not always black or white. Today you are being reminded that the middle ground and compromise is important too. […]

The Fairytale Trap

Never make assumptions because more often than not, they’re wrong!  The girl with a stare, queueing at the counter with token toddler in tow, tugging relentlessly at her shirt tails […]
The Fairytale Trap

State of no fear…

I am here, I am now, I am there, but how? Mindful inner eye, as wide-angled lens at once comprehends – The totality of me, wild running free; wind in my […]

Let it flow…

Many times,  I sit with my head in my hands, wondering what on earth am I doing with my life? I feel the passing of time as it whooshes by […]