1I7A0139 copy.jpg1I7A0139 copy2Zebra image captured by LiolaPhotographic 06/07/2019 at Colchester Zoo, Essex


It’s not always black or white. Today you are being reminded that the middle ground and compromise is important too. ~ Zebra

Zebra reminds us that there is more than one way of looking at things.  Open your eyes and see new ideas and new ways of resolving problems. Zebra reminds us that we are each unique.

© LiolaPhotographic 2019


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  1. Another stunning image! I like the blacked out background. ❤︎ What photo editors do you use, Liola (if I may ask :))? I have tried Gimp but Gimp is a challenge. Husband got us an iPad and since then, I love using the native Sketchbook app, for changing the backgrounds.

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