Going home – An Epitaph

I came here just to visit,

On borrowed time some say,

Delivered by the Angels

On a path to find my way.


I danced in my fairy shoes

And sang a serenade

To life, love and happiness

So please don’t be afraid.


The time has come for me to go,

I’m going home to play

With Angels in Paradise

I can no longer stay.


Please don’t be sad for me,

I really am alright,

Just think of me loving you

O My Darliing ….good night.

© Liola Lee 2007

Back in 2007 I was writing a fair bit of poetry, and use to belong to a site called Poetbay which really was quite a lovely platform for sharing poetry and encouraging others on there poetry journey. Sometimes they would set challenges and give you a brief to work to. This  poem came about when the challenge was to write an Epitaph.