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I am

I am perfect as I am

or maybe not perfect

a mind made sham.

In the mirror, I look, I see

a fat persona, a big fat me.

Accept what is or what to do

cells divide far and few

renewal switched to repeat

a lab experiment or human feat

time manmade, manmade time

Mother Nature’s written rhyme.

Fast some –  forward

food that’s fast

energy drain not energy blast

yoyo diet, fat boy slim

couch potato, then to gym

Lift some iron, drop some pounds

then regain,  fat rebounds.

The cycle turns once again

read the books, know the score

digital fitness, apps and more.

Pop some pills, burn some fat

Big Pharma is where it’s at.

Waste your hard earned,

splash that cash

vitamins, minerals, body mend

latest gimmick, faddy trend.

A mind made image, do I see

A real reflection or another me?

I am perfect as I am

I am perfect

I am

I am…

© Liola Lee 2019

Sometimes we strive for a perfection that is not real. Sometimes we feel not good enough for whatever reason. Often we have a distorted image of ourselves. Sometimes it’s about learning to love yourself…






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  1. Liola, it’s always about selflove first. We need to accept where we are in whatever the venue in order to gain peace and clarity. Then we are able to change or decide not to change whatever is ours. We only need our permission to selflove as far as we desire.

    Great post my dear. 😁💕🙏👍

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  2. “I am perfect as I am” — hells to the yes, girl. Yes you sure are ❤️
    How many of us have been down some version of this road you map out so clearly. Well done Liola 👏💃🏼👯‍♀️🕺

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    • Ah…thank you so much Nadine! You are such a beautiful human being! I think Emma @Self Empowerment Lifecoach was right about self-love first. After all, if we are to be good/kind to other people, we must first of all be good/kind to ourselves. Sometimes, we are our own worst critics, and full of negative self-talk xoxo

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      • So true about the self-criticism and self-love! Also I love to see love directed from others because it helps us love ourselves better, which makes it easier in turn, to love others! So thanks very much for your super kind words Liola, means a lot to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

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