Angels in Disguise

Angels appear in many guises!

Entering your life, sometimes in the real world, sometimes in the virtual sphere and now and again in the Ether. Lifting you up when you have fallen down yet again.  They encourage you, inspire you and help relight your fire. They do not judge you nor condemn you. They accept you with your many flaws and imperfections. They see the good in you, the sparkle, the light within. Sharing thoughts, words, poetry, prose, passion and compassion, they remind you that that you are strong, and resilient and that you can overcome the obstacles whatever they may be that obscure your vision.

Angels appear in many guises!

© Liola Lee 2019

Just thinking about Angels this morning, and also thought to share the short poem below: 

Angels, in the early morning ~ By Emily Dickenson

Angels, in the early morning

May be seen in the Dews among,

Stooping – plucking – smiling – flying –

Do the Buds to them belong?


Angels, when the sun is hottest

May be seen the sands among,

Stooping – plucking – sighing – flying –

Parched the flowers they bear along.








Nothing changes, if nothing changes

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Sometimes you get to a point where you just know without any shadow of a doubt that things have got to change. You are in limbo, stuck in a rut and feel as though you are not getting anywhere. It’s not that things are bad but they are not that good either. What I am trying to say, albeit in a rather clumsy manner is that unless we take action, life can become pretty mediocre and stay that way if we do not do something to change it.

Why settle for less? When you know deep within that you can do anything, be anything and achieve anything if you just change your mindset. The mind is a powerful tool that can act for us or against us. It’s up to us to tap into that power now, and open up the field of potentiality where anything is possible.

The image here is of an Orange Dragonfly. The Dragonfly symbolises change, transformation, adaptability and self-realisation. This is mental and emotional change on a deep level. The colour Orange symbolises many positive things such as warmth, joy, creativity and success among other things.

The only obstacle that stands in our way is usually ourselves. So with all that in mind, I say to you look deep within, change your mindset and become the best version of you possible. Those changes that you want to see may not happen overnight but just taking small steps each day towards your dreams and goals will start you moving in the right direction.

Wishing you all a great week!

Blessed be!


© Liola Lee 2019











What happens next?

“They’ll be wondering where I’ve got to” said the old lady.

I knew she must be talking to me as we were quite alone, standing in the doorway of Angel Antiques sheltering from the sudden downpour. It had been raining heavily now for the last five minutes. I did not perceive her as threatening in any way nor particularly odd. I was one of those people who usually for some reason always attracted strangers as well as strange people of this world. Listening to the old dear, I assumed ‘they’ were her family and responded, “The rain will stop soon enough and we can be on our way”. The old woman smiled and as she did the street lights came on. I could see her quite clearly now. Her hair shone silver beneath the neon glow, glimmering like finely spun gossamer giving the effect of a haloed aura. Her smile was warm and somehow comforting. Her eyes set wide apart were a glorious glinting green not unlike those of a cat. I thought of my cat which just now was most likely curled up snugly on the rug by the open fire indoors. I could n’t wait to get home out of this wretched weather.

I smiled back at the old dear hoping that any fear or anxiety she may be feeling from being stuck here with a stranger would be laid to rest. In truth, I was not really sure which one of us was more anxious. I hated being out in the dark on this dank and dreary November evening. I’d always been scared of the dark. The street was deserted but for us two. Most of the shops along here had been shut down and boarded up and had been for some time as a result of the recent recession. This stretch of road had once been a thriving and bustling business community. How Angel Antiques had managed to keep going was beyond me. Being a luxury trade one would have thought that it would have likely been the first to close its doors. Just at that moment when I was pondering on this point, the door to the shop opened and their stood a wizened and wiry old man with pince-nez perched upon and pinching the bridge of his nose. Peering over the rims he beckoned us into the shop with a wave of his hand to enter in out of the rain, “You’ll catch your deaths of cold out there in this, duckies. Come in and keep warm for a bit. You can look around if you like while I make a nice pot of tea”.

“Please don’t go to any trouble”. I politely responded but he was already gone somewhere behind the counter, to the kitchen I assumed. In reality, I was glad to be in the warm where I could dry off a bit and would happily welcome a hot cup of tea; there was nothing like it to warm you up, with the exception perhaps of a small shot of brandy.

 In the shop the light was brighter than that afforded by the lamp posts outside so now I was able to take a good look at my elderly companion. The old lady wore a beautiful grey full length fur coat. I was unable to identify the animal but was convinced that this was a real fur rather than faux: not something you often see these days mostly because the animal rights people would be up in arms, which for the most part I agree with them but when the coat is practically an antique, I’m not sure it counts . Looking at the old lady, I could not have imagined her wearing anything different. The coat could have been a second skin it fitted so well.

The old guy, who I guessed must be the shop owner rattled back into the room with a tea laden tray. I took the tea offered, wrapping and warming my hands around the cup. The old lady declined to drink any tea but was pleased to accept a cup of warm milk. Mr Angel for that was the man’s name passed her the milk. “Perfect” she said, stretching out each syllable with precise pronunciation.

Opening the door and holding his hand up towards the night sky, the old man stated

 “It’s stopped raining”.

“Ah, yes…time to go home”. The old lady announced.

I enquired as to whether she would like me to escort her home but she would have none of it announcing that she knew her way well around these parts. With a brief thank you to Mr Angel and a smile and a nod of the head in my direction she left.  I finished drinking my tea which had by now cooled down a little. As I was about to leave, a small black leather bound book on a shelf close by to the door caught my eye. I picked the book up and held it, turning it over, in my now warm hands. There was something rather intriguing and inviting about a well bound book that I found appealing. I thought what a shame it was that books were no longer put together by the loving and dextrous hands of a traditional bookbinder. Even worse was that they were now being digitised and turned into ebooks to be read on kindles and iPads. As I handled the book appreciating and admiring the skilled craftsmanship that had lovingly laboured over the encasement of an authors treasured text, I caught sight of the time. Placing the book neatly back on the shelf, I turned to thank Mr Angel for his kindness and hospitality. To my surprise he said that I could take the book if I liked. It had been there for ages and no-one else had ever shown the slightest bit of interest in it. It was mine for the taking. I offered to pay but he would have none of it. I took the book and took my leave but not without thanking him first.

© Liola Lee 2013

This was a writing competition titled ‘What happens next?’ set in Writing Magazine a few years back.  That said, I never actually entered it as did not really think it would get anywhere but it’s good to do writing exercises to get the imagination working. It has just lain dormant in my files ever since. Anyway, posting it here just because I can.


Picture this!

Picture this! Imagine a time when you picked up a camera; perhaps it was bought for you, or maybe you purchased it yourself. It may have been back in the day of film photography (analogue photography) or more recently a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. It may have been a simple point and shoot or something a little more complex. There are many makes and models to choose from. You take a few pictures which you think are pretty good (at the time). Your family and friends also tell you how much they like your pictures, and say things like “You should be a Photographer”. You are flattered naturally. You enjoy capturing moments in time, and at a certain point you think, “Hey, why not try my hand at Photography for real”. It could be fun, and who knows where it may lead? Does the scenario sound a little familiar with maybe a tweak here and there? This is how it sort of was for me.

I had always taken pictures, captured images and been mostly the one behind the lens. Capturing the holiday snaps, the children as they were growing up, the birthdays, the Christmases and any other what I thought were picture worthy occasions. In 2012 I purchased a really fabulous camera. A Canon 60d. I chose Canon because it was a make my Dad had liked and used. My Dad by the way was a a good amateur photographer in the days of film. He used to develop his own film as well. How clever is that! Anyway, getting back to my trusty Canon, the 60d was an excellent choice. It was I believe a mid entry level camera. I named it Penny Bright after a favourite childhood doll.  Actually, all my cameras both before and after the said 60d have been named Penny Bright. It was at this time that I left my former job and embarked on my photography journey for real.

Every journey begins with a single step! The step was taken and the journey began. Sometimes it’s about taking a leap of faith!

©  Liola Lee 2019

This post can also be seen on my website where it was first posted yesterday. My photography journey has had ups and downs but I continue to love capturing anything that ignites my imagination. I plan on writing a few posts about my life behind the lens; the good, the bad and even the ugly. The image is of the equipment I had back in 2012.

NanoWriMo 2019

Writer’s block has well and truly set in! Oh…woe is me! I repeat woe is me!! To say it is not going well is an understatement of the most mammoth proportions! Call me a ‘Drama Queen’ if you will but I have done this before, and it did not get me quite like this when I did it previously! I signed up for this once more when I was feeling good, energetic, determined and spontaneous but with hindsight feel that just maybe I have been overambitious by more than a few degrees! Bitten off more than I can realistically chew!! Oh my…what was  thinking, if indeed I was thinking at all! In retrospect, I clearly was not thinking, I was allowing myself to be carried away by a moment of utter madness! What am I to do? I could declare myself a Nano Rebel and just do what I can do outside the rules. However, that would mean that I would not be a ‘Winner’. Not sure if I can handle that? That could work maybe? I have a thing about medals, certificates and winning that goes back a long way!! What am I to do? Okay, I shall breathe and calm myself down and have a think about my next step!

We are two weeks in. That means that there are still two weeks to go. So, I guess for the next two weeks I shall see what I can do, if anything at all. What will be, will be and it is, what it is! I will do the best that I can in the situation that I find myself in. Que sera sera!

Any encouragement, guidance, tips and maybe even tricks would be welcome just now!

© Liola Lee 2019

Featured image shows my NanoWriMo 2014 winning Banner. Whether I get one for 2019 is at this time unlikely. I may well have to learn to accept defeat! That will be a hard lesson if it happens!!