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NanoWriMo 2019

Writer’s block has well and truly set in! Oh…woe is me! I repeat woe is me!! To say it is not going well is an understatement of the most mammoth proportions! Call me a ‘Drama Queen’ if you will but I have done this before, and it did not get me quite like this when I did it previously! I signed up for this once more when I was feeling good, energetic, determined and spontaneous but with hindsight feel that just maybe I have been overambitious by more than a few degrees! Bitten off more than I can realistically chew!! Oh my…what was  thinking, if indeed I was thinking at all! In retrospect, I clearly was not thinking, I was allowing myself to be carried away by a moment of utter madness! What am I to do? I could declare myself a Nano Rebel and just do what I can do outside the rules. However, that would mean that I would not be a ‘Winner’. Not sure if I can handle that? That could work maybe? I have a thing about medals, certificates and winning that goes back a long way!! What am I to do? Okay, I shall breathe and calm myself down and have a think about my next step!

We are two weeks in. That means that there are still two weeks to go. So, I guess for the next two weeks I shall see what I can do, if anything at all. What will be, will be and it is, what it is! I will do the best that I can in the situation that I find myself in. Que sera sera!

Any encouragement, guidance, tips and maybe even tricks would be welcome just now!

© Liola Lee 2019

Featured image shows my NanoWriMo 2014 winning Banner. Whether I get one for 2019 is at this time unlikely. I may well have to learn to accept defeat! That will be a hard lesson if it happens!!


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  1. Omg THANK YOU. Yup me too. I am writing but once again, no coherent book… it’s a mess. An utter mess. Who cares. Let’s write. Screw NaNo hahaha. Kidding but only sort of. That’s the only way for me to get it done.

    My husband was like, so how’s the novel coming along? ugh. However, I think I do need to do some reviewing of old themes and see if I can’t rustle up some kind of gumption to stick with one theme instead of writing all over the durned board.

    Sending love and please just write. 😁😘💖

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    • So glad I am not the only one in a mess with my NaNoWriMo. It seemed like a good idea at the time to sign up. It started well, and then just spiralled downwards into a pile of drivel lol. We are half way through and I am still not quite at 7,000 words and have run out of steam. I will still keep writing but think I may well have to be a Nano Rebel this year lol. Will try and keep writing! You too! 🙂 xoxoxo

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