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Angels in Disguise

Angels appear in many guises!

Entering your life, sometimes in the real world, sometimes in the virtual sphere and now and again in the Ether. Lifting you up when you have fallen down yet again.  They encourage you, inspire you and help relight your fire. They do not judge you nor condemn you. They accept you with your many flaws and imperfections. They see the good in you, the sparkle, the light within. Sharing thoughts, words, poetry, prose, passion and compassion, they remind you that that you are strong, and resilient and that you can overcome the obstacles whatever they may be that obscure your vision.

Angels appear in many guises!

© Liola Lee 2019

Just thinking about Angels this morning, and also thought to share the short poem below: 

Angels, in the early morning ~ By Emily Dickenson

Angels, in the early morning

May be seen in the Dews among,

Stooping – plucking – smiling – flying –

Do the Buds to them belong?


Angels, when the sun is hottest

May be seen the sands among,

Stooping – plucking – sighing – flying –

Parched the flowers they bear along.








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November 2019
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