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Blessed be!

This is a difficult post for all manner of reasons!

Firstly, I truly wish you all had a beautiful, wonderful and peaceful Christmas with the people that you love and care about! The people that truly matter! Your children, your partners, your parents, your friends and significant others, whoever they may be!

I also wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year in 2020 and, an even better New Decade! I say that with love, empathy, compassion and a sense of connection I hope! I am so sorry I have not been about much lately to connect with my fellow bloggers, writers, photographers, storytellers and friends in the blogosphere!

On the 22nd December 2019, I received an early morning phone call from one of  my sisters, who incidentally is also one of my best friends. She was staying with my Mum. We have a sort of shift system where we just ensure that our Mum is  never on her own, or at least not for too long!

My first reaction when I saw who was calling me at that early hour was that something had happened to Mummy. Of course I was happy to be told that Mummy was just fine.

Then the next part of the conversation threw me into a state of disbelief or to be honest not anything I can really put into words just yet. My sister told me with her voice shaking and herself crying that our nephew Aaron had died in a tragic accident.

I have no words just yet to say how I feel, what I think it all means but I know Aaron is not really that far away. He has just got to the next place before me, before my sisters, and before my mum. He is with my Dad in the next place. I know he is okay! I know it, I believe it!

Life is so precious! Time is so precious! Treasure it!

Sometimes our treasures are right in front of us, and we do not see them!

Anyway, I wish you all a year full of love, laughter and time spent with those you love!

Blessed be!

© Liola Lee 2019

The image is of my beautiful Dad with our beautiful nephew. I was just 17 when I captured this image. They are together again.





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  1. Dear Liola… I am so, so, so very sorry for your loss…. that must have indeed been such a deep shock… and I am sorry to be so late in seeing this, friend. To lose a cousin is very hard. I lost a cousin once, too, also suddenly; it was devastating. So many far-back special memories are often shared with cousins, especially all the times like Christmas and so on… so I can imagine how devastating it was to lose him at that time, too… I send you very much love… and a big hug. ❤️

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    • Thank you for your truly kind words Nadine! Aaron was my eldest nephew. I was just 17 when he was born so not that much older really! He was the eldest of what we call ‘the cousins’. Mine and my three sisters children, so the next generation. My eldest son Chris is now the eldest of that generation. That said, I have lots of happy memories of Aaron! Aaron’s funeral will be held on the 3rd February so it has been a sad few weeks! He was too young to die I think but it was just his time! He is not really very far away! Thank you for the love and much needed hug! It means a lot! xoxo

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      • Dear Liola… I feel so awful about the nephew/cousin mixup. Not sure what happened… must have been some blip in my mind. I wasn’t being very conscientious there and I’m so sorry for that. It is indeed very sad to lose a nephew… losing someone from the next generation adds an additional layer to the grief. Thanks for your wonderful kindness and compassion, and I’m glad you have lots of happy memories of Aaron. More hugs, being virtually sent your way. 💖🤗🔆🌷💕😘🥰

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      • No worries Nadine!! I think it was probably the fact I referred to him as ‘the eldest of the cousins’ that caused the confusion! Definitely hard to lose one of the next generation as it seems all wrong and out of the natural order but then they say life unfolds exactly as it is meant to. I am sure all is well in the next world! Sending you hugs right back dear friend! Hope you have a lovely weekend! : ) xoxoxo

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