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Today is the day when the UK leaves

the European Union, begins to achieve

independence and new times ahead.

The past is now past, let’s leave it behind,

let’s move forward, begin to find

a middle ground, a place to begin

to work together, mend the divide,

stop the bickering, begin to abide

by the majority decision that was cried

out loud, in the vote, the people voted

we want to leave, clear not coated.

The day is here, at last arrived,

so much waiting, perhaps contrived?

No more waiting, no more stall,

Let’s move on, let’s play ball.

© Liola Lee 2020

I could not let such an important day in our history go by without writing something, anything. It is just a few lines of verse to mark the occasion in a truly small way. It matters not whether you or I  in the UK voted leave or remain. The People voted in the referendum and more recently in the General Election. As a Democracy it has always been important to abide by the vote of the majority. It should not have taken as long as it did to honour the decision of the majority but the people would be heard. It’s what makes us a Democracy. For those of you outside the UK wish us well on our journey! It may not be an easy one but we will do the best we can always!


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January 2020
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