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A creature old as time itself,

Sits behind my shoulder;

Multi-coloured with glaring eyes,

Remains as I get older.

Mysterious beast with seven tails,

Flowing feathers downward trails:

Not a bird nor dragon,

Nor borne of Mother Earth;

Heavenly host of magical myth

Not from the flames, your birth.

You symbolise the unity

Of Heaven, and of Earth:

Personify integrity, not

From a place of mirth.

You fly on wings in timeless space,

Hold your head, heart strong grace,

Proud as a peacock, eyes that see

Part of the Universe, part of me.

Strength of Leo, Griffin like grip,

Guardian Angel, on my trip.

A healer, physician of

All that plagues mankind:

I searched so long,

My skin for you to bind.

An artist took a needle,

Drew deep into my back

Cut the skin, her canvas,

Coloured inks plus black.

And there you have it,

My tattoo, my Simurgh

My creature,

My permanent feature.

© Liola Lee 2007

I had the tattoo done towards the end of the last century. So, it is pretty old now. It was my first tattoo. I spent years searching for the right tattoo, then I found it. A Simurgh which symbolises the union between Heaven and Earth and is as old as Time itself. This was my first but not my last tattoo. The image is not great and to be honest the tattoo of my Simurgh could do with brightening up BUT as it symbolises being as old as time itself I am comfortable with it’s faded edges and outlines. I accept it as it is! It is what is it is, and that is just fine! The poem was written when I was on a poetry site named Poetbay some years ago. The Tattoo was created around 1999/2000. 

Blessed be!


© Liola Lee 2007





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  1. Liola, I have been reading and re-reading this one… three times now… tingles. Wonderful, enchanting ode to a beautiful and very meaningful part of you. Kinda makes me want a tattoo. ;)) Much love 🦅🐉🌍⚡️

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    • Thank you! It took me years to decide on a tattoo. The Simurgh symbolises the Union between Heaven and Earth and is as old as time itself. I have two other tattoos. I have some tribal turtles and hibiscus flowers on my lower back (some call a tattoo on the lower back a tramp stamp but who cares lol). The turtles repsesent me and my three children. I had that done on a holiday to Hawaii (Lucky me!). Then on my other shoulder I have a Phoenix which sort of represents those times I have fallen down in various parts of my life, only to pick myself up once more. Each tattoo tells a story. They hurt incredibly! My pain threshold is not as. good as some people but they are part of my story. Sometimes I think about a new tattoo but as I get older, I find my tolerance to pain is not as good as it once was (though in reality I am a bit of a cry baby lol) xoxo

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      • I love this storytelling on the body concept, and I love hearing about your tattoo journey. ❤︎ I have considered getting one at times, and once designed one for myself… I am happy I did not get that one though; it was a cherub peeking from behind a cloud with a quiver of arrows, and among the arrows, a wrench with the word “Tool” in tiny letters down it. At the time (early nineties), I was a mad fan of the band Tool. I remember their music as something that reached my soul at a time that was filled with bonding and healing, but I’m glad I don’t have the band’s name stamped on my body foreva, haha. :))
        I think for me the idea of the process pain of a tattoo is not the barrier at all, in this case; it’s the commitment. Commitment is a challenge for me. ;)) Loved this poem, Liola 💗

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      • Dear Nadine…thank you so much for your in depth comment! It always means a lot! Yes, good that you did not have the band’s name on you. You have to think so carefully about these things. So many people have something done when they are very young only to decide later that they wish they had not. Tattoos are not for everyone but I always loved them re the storytelling on the body concept. Also, people change so much as they grow! I was 37 when I had my first one and had been searching and thinking about what I wanted for over a decade. I had an ex-boyfriend who went out with his brother and mates when we were just 18. They all had too much to drink and he came back with a heart with a dagger through the middle saying ‘Death before Dishonour’ then my name running through the middle of the heart. Unfortunately, being under the influence, he spelt my name wrong lol. Also, we split up a couple of years later. I believe he had my name blacked out later. Yes, you definitely have to be careful with what you get as it is certainly a big commitment xoxo

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      • OMG. That is brutal about the drunk tattooing episode! They should make it legally required to have a breathalyzer test before getting a tattoo! But I guess tat biz would go steeply down then. ;))
        Nice that you took time and care in choosing your own tattoos. :)) 🧘🏼‍♂️

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