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Reboot, start over, begin afresh

all messed up like tangled mesh.

New beginnings, start again

crush the niggles, aches and pain.

Reboot, reboot, take me back,

abundance ruled, no thought to lack.

Press my buttons, ring my bell,

wake me up, fed up with hell.

Manmade prison, woman bound cell,

screams inside, can’t you tell.

Outer glitter, external Gold

beneath the surface, words untold.

Reboot, reboot, remove the mask,

reveal the layers, take on the task.

Tell the story, write those words,

tap those keys, voice be heard.

Reboot, reboot, readjust,

time for change, no whim, a must.

Reboot, reboot, reboot once more,

update  system, strengthen core.

© Liola Lee 2020

Just playing with words, and making connections. Still not sure where I am going with my blog. I have absolutely no clue at all. That said, I love the way words play out on the page. I have a wonderful book of verse called ‘The Golden Staircase’ which my Dad gave me when I was just a little girl. Not sure how it came into his possession. A second hand book shop maybe? At the time it was written rhyming verse was very much the in thing. I always loved the rhythms and beats of rhyming verse. That said, I equally love the more abstract free verse of today. Anyway, hope you like it and get something from the words. 

Blessed be!






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February 2020
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