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Here and there ~ Part 1

When sky was blue and sea was green and sun gave light to day:

knights in shining armour rode against the four Winds,

on quests to do battle for honour and love.

Serpents, Dragons and Unicorns were more than meat for myth;

Gorgons, Giants, Olympians and time as yet unmade.

Here in the land of make-believe, when Night’s not Night but Day.

The journey starts, here in the heart, with the sin that got in the way.

About to embark on a journey, to a time a long way off:

to a place now long forgotten- where growth went stale and

goodness started to rot.

We must form a company of seven to march forth on and back;

to slip beneath the surface, tread the severed track.

The pathway lost, all overgrown with weeds, pain, hurt, all cracked.

Perils so enormous – danger within packed.

Traps man-made and man-made traps; rising sons, scythes and sickles –

beings bestial, beings fickle.

Routes un-chartered, map’s unclear – even just the faintest fear

will Cerberus sense in nostrils flared, plural heads, intense glare;

eyes of black, there is no end, hound of Hell, not man’s best friend.

Guards the mouth to Hades, grossly heads the fleet –

appetite abundant, human flesh his meat.

If, beyond this point we reach, seven soldiers, whole complete –

the time has come, so gather round,

take your orders spirit bound.

Pay the price to cross the Styx, blackest waters, depths unfold,

Death’s own graveyard, wasted gold.

The Ferryman, lank, forlorn, on the raft, his will us borne.

A silver coin upon his tongue, no eyes, no soul, essence gone.

Step on board, take care, no rush, steady goes or bodies crush.

The Captain of this eerie craft: a pole so long for to shaft,

the way ahead, Ship Ahoy! Hades fed.

Slowly, so slowly doth the deadwood drift

across the ocean wide: shore ahead as groom to bride.

Impending union of land and sea as wedding duet, he and she.

Tide is high, Moon is full – Night’s black cloak – feel it pull.

Now on shore, Earth’s sweet skin: Life’s tough journey re-begin.

Wedding over, vows exchanged: Is it safe now? Prearranged?

Life’s a gamble, a game of chance; no guarantees who leads the dance.

“I am the Lord of the Dance” said He. Who?  God, Satan, maybe me?

Get a hold, be brazen, bold, take the helm, in charge, controlled.

Exasperation, puzzled mind, confused state left behind.

If my ship I should steer straight, exist to my will or that of fate?

Attention soldiers stand up, stand tall; tied together, defend from fall.

Ahead the enemy, not friend but foe, disguised donned dangerous, doom in tow.

Debates, decisions still unclear; facts fictitious, fictitious fears.

Where is help, support I need? Solve this problem answer feed.

In early childhood, gently led  by parents loving, broken bread;

wine of wisdom, blood of kin, knowledge stinted, no thought to sin.

Innocence unblemished beneath the raven curl,

unveiled inner beauty, reveals a precious pearl.

It matters not the cover – external binding shell;

It’s what’s within – discover.

The guiding light not Hell.

© Liola Lee 2007

This was Part 1 of  a poem I wrote in 3 parts . A sort of epic tale (I use the word epic loosely). I hope you enjoy it. 






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  1. Love it, Liola. I’ve always loved the Hades/Persephone/Death/Rebirth themes, too. Happy second day of spring, to you. 🙏❤︎💚✨Are you a Persephone, perchance? (Or a little of the others, too? ;))


    • Thank you so much Nadine! I started reading Greek and Roman Myths and legends at the age of 8. I always had my nose in a book and escaped into these other worlds and saw myself as the heroines/goddesses both mortal and immortal. I read lots of other things too! Happy second day of Spring to you too! Sending you positive energy in these uncertain times! 🙂 xoxoxo

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      • That is lovely… same here. My parents, were so good at supplying me with books. The Greek myths were among my faves as a child. :)) Same to you! Love and positive thinking hopefully will pull us through. 💗

        Liked by 1 person

      • I also loved tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. My dad was an avid reader. I have an early memory of me sitting on his lap when I was about 3 in the Public Library and he was reading a story to me. My Dad was always reading. My love of books comes from him! My Wedding ring is engraved with Latin words ‘Fides non timed’ ~ Faith fears not. Love, laughter and maybe a bit of Luck! 🙂 xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      • What a beautiful vignette! I was and still am very close with and admiring of my dad too. He and mom had stacks the whole house through. Yes, where love and hope are, hate and fear can not exist. (~ Oprah or somebody ;)) Replace the latter with the former to continue to exist. 😚💗😄

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