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Here and there ~ Part 3

To date we have managed towards self-destruct,

The future’s not rosy, probably fucked.

If Hope you will stand

the weakness of man;

I beg please forgive him;

with you, win we can.

Strong growing stronger

Force of Peace spreading wide;

together united,

Man, Woman, Child.

Invisibly bonded, links heaven borne;

chains of Freedom, earthly adorn.

A thousand million of people alive;

the way could be forward;

believe and survive.

Cast out the evil,

discard all the rot;

Cupid’s bow empty,

arrow now shot.

Our hearts our now open,

ready to learn – Love,

you’re the answer;

press forward return.

All you need is Love –

so the song said;

Life’s Love,

Love’s Life

Else existence is


Β© Liola Lee 2007

Part 3 of a poem (please see previous 2 posts to read parts 1 & 2). This last part seems almost a little relevant in these truly strange and uncertain time. Β I wrote these in 2007.



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  1. This is just wonderful Liola… awesome rhythm and rhyme, and of course, most importantly, the strong and hopeful message. Love it. Hugs to you, lovely friend. πŸ’–πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™β˜€οΈπŸŒ»πŸ€—πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈxoxoxox

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    • What a beautiful comment! Thank you! You really are a beautiful Soul. I followed the link on your post this morning and read through the post you wrote a year ago on the Tree. I tried to give it a ‘Like’ but it would not let me. So much as always resonates with me! I too, always yearn for more. I have always tried to be a good Mum (I had my eldest at 19) and my children have always come first but I have always needed to study/learn and follow my own pursuits. More so as I have got older. I also love my coffee, and herbal tea. I have a cupboard full of teas for everything. The tree in the image does seem to take on a human form but I often see that in trees. It made me smile when you mentioned about Zen/monks/monasteries. Just recently I have been looking at Tibetan Healing Movement. I have been doing something called prostrations in the morning (although not the last two mornings) I must be more disciplined. Apparently Tibetan monks do them every morning. It was an excellent post! Sending you love and hugs right back my friend! xoxoxoxo

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