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Yellow and bright, a flowering might,

Daffodils, Narcissi, Forsythia,

Blooming bold, Nature’s gold.

Trees in bud, leaves glowing green,

Spring awakening, a sight to be seen.

Winter behind us, Summer ahead

This time now, heavy as lead.

A virus moving, globally spread,

Sneaking among us, making some dead.

We know you are there, laying your curse,

For some not felt, for others a hearse.

I think it’s time to rise and say,

A cure we’ll find, beyond delay.

The World Unite, be as One,

become connected, work to be done.

We all have a duty of care to attend;

if as a race we want this to end.

© Liola Lee 2020

We are all in this together! Let’s support each other and work together to overcome this! Stop the panic buying, there is enough for everyone if we just shop as normal! Keep your distance and stay at home, unless it is absolutely necessary to go out for the reasons given by the Government! Help those who need help! Think before you buy! Think before you go out to the shops, to the park, to anywhere really. We can beat this if we all pull together! And remember, there is always someone worse off than you! Get things into perspective! Show loving kindness to everyone, and help whenever you can! 

Blessed be!

Liola x

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  1. Beautiful poem… and chilling image. Great pairing… and yes, we have the same issue here. All the staples, flour and so on are sold out but oddly not being replenished. Don’t understand the cause of that… ah well. Yes, prayers indeed. Sending much love to you Liola xoxoxoxox 💛

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    • Thank you Nadine! Things starting to settle a little here I think, maybe? We now have to queue outside the shops while maintaining the correct social distance. A customer goes out and a customer goes in. Seems to be working so far. Shelves were full today when we went. Am at my Mums for next couple of nights. Hope things are settling a bit in France so everyone gets what they need!! Sending you love, positive vibrations and hope for all that keeps you and yours safe and healthy! 😊💕😘❤️xoxoxoxo

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March 2020
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