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Happy Easter

IMG_6868Image captured by Liola Photographic Springtime c2014

Geese are wonderful birds that symbolise devotion, courage and loyalty.  Among other things, they are a reminder that in times of trouble we can rely on each other for help and protection. If a flock of Geese are in flight and one gets injured or shot down or ill and goes down, two will go down to protect and help it. These are birds that understand about connection and interdependence. Just now we realise as a human race under attack from this new Corona Virus that we are all in this together, and as such we must support and help each other, especially those who need our help!

I captured the image of this Gosling a few years back while out for a Springtime walk in a local park. There were actually a few Goslings. Looking forward to being able to go out  in the near future, shooting Geese with my trusty Canon. Something to look forward to!

Of course the Gosling (baby), is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings and rebirth and of course hope and the miracle that is Life.

I wish you all a Happy Easter! Stay well, stay healthy, stay home and help save lives!

Blessed be!

Liola ~ x ~


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