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My Treasures…

IMG_8213Our treasures are right in front of us! Sometimes we forget! Sometimes out of sight is out of mind!

This afternoon or rather today, pondering on what to do next, I decided to search for my balance/pilates balls. I have two; a pink one and a blue one. I know they are here somewhere as no one would have thrown them out as there was nothing wrong with them. I decided it would be good to do some exercises while we are on lockdown to get me fit for horse riding once things return to some kind of ‘normal’ whatever normal is.  I recalled that my husband had recently said that he thought they (the gym balls) may be in his wardrobe put away in a deflated state when we first moved here. He believed that  they may be in a couple of boxes that have been tucked away in said wardrobe this past six and a bit years. I asked my husband if he could please get the boxes out of the cupboard so that we could see if the balls were there. He huffed and puffed a little as it was infringing a little on his banjo playing time (he has recently acquired a banjo, which is in addition to his two or is it three guitars and a keyboard),  or was it his Facebook banter that I was intruding upon? I said, of course you do not need to worry, I could just order a new one online. On that remark he said, let’s look for them. It’s funny how when you talk about purchasing something new online, mountains can be moved (here I liken my husband to a mountain lol) He went to the wardrobe and started to take things out so that we could get to the boxes wherein may be my gym balls or maybe not.

Once the boxes were out and the lids off, it was clear that the balls were not there. Now though, I had lost interest in searching for the gym balls that had initiated the search. In the boxes was something so much better than a piece of exercise equipment. Here in these two plastic  boxes were what I call my treasures. There were forgotten photographs, birthday cards, wedding cards, the children’s school reports plus some of my school reports. There was a champagne cork with an old sixpence in it with the date of my younger son’s date of birth written around the cork to mark his arrival in the world (my son was born in 1985 so we were in decimal currency but we used an old six pence because it seemed more poignant). There was the blue garter and little fake laced gloves (more knitted rather than real lace really but lacy all the same) worn on my wedding day,  which were once an ivory cream colour but now were tinged yellow with age, like something right out of Miss Havisham’s house in Great Expectations.. There were the tiny hospital labels that were from the children when they were new borns (were they really once that tiny?).

What else was there?

There were my swimming certificates and medals, and even my adult ballet Bronze certificate where I was highly commended. Yes, I did ballet as an adult for a short time, when my son decided he wanted to dance before deciding to switch to football at a later date (my son that is. I never did football apart from write a poem about it and an article on women’s football). Ah, then there was my karate certificate, and my daughter;’s karate certificate. I had done karate classes with my daughter when she had a fancy to try her hand at being the karate kid. We stopped shortly after we got our yellow belt as they decided to split the children and adults into separate classes, and so my daughter decided on no more karate as she did not want to do classes without me by her side. There were a couple of theatre programmes from my time spent at Bromley Little Theatre where I tried my hand at acting, including a lovely review on a role I played in a play called Prin.


I played the part of a student named Melanie Kite. Something I had pretty much forgotten about until this afternoon when I came across the programme and review.

Yes, lots of happy memories. Again, just something else to try. It was fun while it lasted, even though just for a short time.

There’s more.

There were stories, journals, drawings and letters written to me by my then little ones who are all now grown up. Every time I picked something up out of the box, I could see clearly a moment in time captured and crafted with so much love and detail. It was a truly delightful journey down memory lane. Quite fitting really, as I come towards another birthday on 5th May, which incidentally is also my 36th wedding anniversary. Oh, and also there in this wonderful treasure trove, was a menu written by my husband which recorded one of our early anniversary meals in the years when we could not afford to go out. He is creating a menu for Tuesday as we will be celebrating our anniversary in doors during lockdown, and I have requested that he write it down just as he did back then.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours, remembering, smiling, laughing and crying (happy tears).

And, now I have put my treasures away until the next time.

Stay well! Stay safe!

Blessed be!


© Liola Lee 2020

First image above is of a card drawn by my daughter when she was at junior school. The card open to read ‘To Mummy, love from Sammy’ with lots and lots of kisses.


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    • Thank you so much lovely Nadine! 😘 Have tried all sorts of things over the years. Just have to learn to stick at something and become a Master of it! Hope you are all keeping well!! 😊xoxoxo

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