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No holding of hands…

Who would have thought that we would be here?

A viral spreading the length of the land

Just elbows, no hugging,

No holding of hands.

Who would have believed a national lockdown?

The kids are off school, people are down.

Restrictions in place, queuing for food

Socially distant, a lowering mood.

The Country is in a state of distress,

The World all around, a Global mess.

Only essential travel allowed,

We’re in a Pandemic, under a cloud.

How did it happen? We’re really not sure,

Just what they tell us, a little not more.

A need to know basis, is what it seems,

Words and speeches, political stream.

The shelves were empty, clear and quite bare,

Toilet rolls, pasta, handwash not there.

In the beginning of this here dis-ease,

Buying in panic, shopping unease.

No gloves, no masks, no PPE,

Unless you pay a big fat fee,

Profiteering has appeared,

Raised its ugly head through fear.

Businesses closed, staff put on Furlough,

Banks giving loans, where once was unheard of.

Baking, making, crafting indoors,

Breads in the oven, no flour instore.

School now at home, parents now teachers,

Lessons online, and Zoom now a feature,

Of daily life as it has become,

For all of the many, and more and then some.

On the plus side, there really is,

Much that’s good, come out of this.

Neighbours showing much compassion,

Sharing love and sharing rations.

Frontline workers stepped up to the mark,

Caring and giving whatever the task.

The NHS and all those in service,

Giving their time just to serve us.

Every Thursday night each week,

People pour out, onto the street,

Pots and pans and clapping of  hands,

Heard for miles across the land.

Pollution has lowered, air is now cleaner,

Less cars on the road, environment greener.

Much to be learnt from this here disaster,

Will lessons be learnt being slower, not faster?

So much sadness for many lives lost,

So much delay, just look at the cost.

The death toll increased day by day,

The virus was staying not going away.

We have been in this together,

Life now different, life now tethered

To a new way, of how we do things,

Only time will tell, what that brings?

This will be a memory one day,

Record this time, have your say,

Write words down, tell your stories,

From the funny to the gory!

© Liola Lee 2020








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  1. “Record this time, have your say, / Write words down, tell your stories, From the funny to the gory!” So perfect. Wonderful documentation and reminder and encouragement, Liola. xoxoxo 💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Nadine! People really will have so many stories to tell of these times from life under lockdown. I watch as people wear their masks or rather some people and it all seems surreal. I wonder what future generations will make of these times? Hope you and your family are keeping well!! Sending love and hugs xoxoxo

      Liked by 2 people

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