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Time Out…

Sometimes we have to take a step or a few steps back to catch our breath, take stock and maybe look at things from a different standpoint, perspective, whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own minds, where the voices inside our heads clamour for attention giving us little or no peace at all.

We get side tracked,  we get lost, we go off at a tangent with no real sense of direction, no longer knowing where it is that we wanted to go in the first place. No wonder at times we feel lost, alone and a little stir crazy.

So, stepping back and even letting go of some stuff is a good thing! Actually, a great thing!

Anyway, hello again. It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. Not because I did not want to but because I just did not know what to say, write, feel or even want to if I am honest but no, I did want to but was lost for words really. so there you have it. I have been feeling lost BUT I have decided to get a grip, give myself a kick and get myself out of this lockdown mentality. We are our own Gaolers (is that the right spelling?)

Life is what we choose to make it if we so choose to make it anything, and do you know what? I am in charge of my life, I hold the reins, the steering wheel, the accelerator and the brakes, I get to choose!

I choose a life of joy, adventure, ups and downs. I choose to live it my way, doing those things that make me feel alive.

So, here I am once more, for better for worse; in sickness and in health; for richer for poorer (though I would prefer richer). Not going to say ‘until death do us part’ as don’t like that bit!

That’s it for now! That’s all I have to say at this time! Oh, apart from I send you my very best wishes!

Blessed be!


© Liola Lee 2020






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June 2020
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