Last Innings

I only managed three shots before the Sun finally went down. This is why I titled the picture ‘Last Innings’. A couple of minutes later I would have missed it altogether. So, when it comes to capturing a Sunset or a Sunrise, preparation is key as in many things.

All that said, I hope the picture brings you a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Just now, I am trying to navigate my way around this new editor on Word Press. Not getting on too well with it just now but I guess change makes for progress. Hopefully, things will seem clearer to me soon but for now, I thought to post a picture until I begin to fathom things out, find my way and gain some sort of direction.

Still not sure where this ‘Blog thing’ is taking me. Sometimes I think I will just delete it, and have one thing less to do but so far I have resisted that. Anyway, we shall see.

Sending you best wishes always…

Blessed be…


(Image captured in Tankerton, Kent. Exposure settings 1/60 sec; f/16; ISO 250; Aperture Priority)