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It’s not really the true definition of a dilemma but on a personal level to me it is exactly that. Read on to find out more if you will, though please do not feel pressured..

For a while now here on this site, I have held my hands up and said that I was not sure where this blogging thing was going, where it may lead me, nor whether I really wanted to continue. Just ignore that last bit as I am being just a tad bit dramatic and just saying that for effect this early on in the post.

Now what is this dilemma? Well, it is not so much about this blog or in fact any blog. It is more about writing in general. I like writing, no that’s not right, I love writing! I love the tap, tap tapping of the keyboard and how with each strike of the key are created letters, words, phrases, pages and more as if by magic. I love pen and paper and how the ink flows as if effortlessly, curling and swirling curves and lines that bring language from the imagination into the reality that is the written once blank page. All that said, it is neither magic nor effortless though sometimes those words are apt. Mostly it is hard work, determination, commitment and a love of language and all that that may entail.

I’m going off at a tangent and getting away from the issue that is my dilemma for which I perceive as something that needs to be resolved.

I want to declare myself a Writer at the top of my voice. I want to earn money doing something I love! Although, it’s not about the money not really but let’s face it, I am human and I do in fact need to eat. Anyway, back to my dilemma, I am looking to write content for coinage and do not really know where to start. There are sites that offer bidding wars (not interested), there are sites that exploit inexperienced novices (not interested) and there are I am hoping genuine individuals out there who need a helping hand or rather pen to write those words that for some reason do not come to those non-writers of the world who cannot, will not or should not write but want or need words written.

There you have it. My dilemma. So, not really a dilemma but more me just blogging what is going on in my head just now, and airing or rather posting it here, on this here platform for all to see.

Any comments, guidance, tips truly appreciated. Remember be constructive and above all be kind.

Wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Productive year doing those things that you love and which give you joy!

Stay well! Stay safe!

Be blessed!

Liola x

ยฉ Liola Lee 2021

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  1. Ah sigh. I relate so much as always… it seems I can’t help but blog, I yearn to blog, I love to connect with other bloggers (mostly), but should I really blog?? I think writers really need a keen business sense and a true drive to earn money at it in order to do that. I haven’t gained this x-factor yet. I know a lot about business and marketing but when it comes to my own writing, well yeah. We’ll see how it goes. I love that you are still blogging though. As with other bloggers I’m not always around when a post comes out, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue either, but people like you make the blogosphere lovely. Hugs xoxoxo ๐Ÿ’—

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    • Thank you for always being so encouraging. Not sure why comments are going to your spam. A gremlin in the system I guess. I tried making some comments the other day but they appeared to bounce back and not go anywhere. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved at some stage. As far as I am concerned you most certainly have the x-factor. Wish you a lovely week! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒˆxoxoxo

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