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Earth’s Turn (repost)

Life is an adventure. A Journey that may take us along many pathways, the final destination unknown. As we travel through life on this earthly plane we are each responsible for our chosen route. We enter this world armed with all the knowledge and wisdom gathered from all previous existence. Huge volumes bound in love and blood are inherently catalogued somewhere in the deep recesses of our subconscious mind. Most of us may glimpse briefly at the contents of this vast vault in our dreams, snatching snippets of something greater than this earthly reality, only to dismiss it without question when re-entering a state of conscious awareness.

Yet there are some with a pioneering spirit who need to explore the various states of consciousness by whatever methods and means are available and effective. The quest for understanding is not new but as ancient as time itself. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the pursuit of finding a reason for being has intensified.

As we approach the end of the Piscean Age, many are no longer prepared to swim in the mainstream by ‘going with the flow’. A New Age is pending, promising plenty to those who open their hearts and minds to the potentiality and universal prosperity that planetary peace could bring. The New Age will see a mass resurgence of ancient practices. A return to Nature and a growing respect for the planet. By learning to nurture the Earth’s natural resources we may with time replenish her waning stores. The age old adage of ‘ you will reap what you sow ‘ may take on a whole new meaning.

The Age of Aquarius is a familiar phrase to many but many people have no idea what it means in real terms. The expression has its roots in Astronomy and Astrology. As far as I’m aware, as it follows it’s orbital path and rotates upon it’s axis the Earth shifts ever so slightly. This slight shift occurs over a period of some 25,920 years divided up into twelve months, which correspond with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These ‘months’ are approximately 2000 earth years duration. We are, according to Astrology experiencing the Sun setting in all his metaphorical splendour on the Age of Pisces. Some 2000 years ago we welcomed the Piscean period in conjunction with the birth of a new religion, Christianity. The old Pagan religions were forced underground by the might and power of militant Christianity.

Militancy and religion seem so much a contradiction in terms on first inspection. However, a closer look reveals that this pairing may be more than appropriate. A look at the history books reveals horrific and bloody accounts of war and destruction carried out in the name of one god or another. Even those worshipping the same god murder one another. If it was only something we read as part of a history lesson it would not be quite so bad but in truth it seems that we have still not learned the lessons we need if we are to survive as a race for another 2000 years.

© Liola Lee 1997

I wrote this way back in May 1997. I came across it today whilst searching for something else. It is just over 21 years ago since I wrote it and it is clearly written for that particular timeframe. I was a mere 35 years old at the time just trying to work things out. I was totally preoccupied with the pending Millennium back then and was involved in some heavy duty thinking as to what everything meant. If I have said anything that is incorrect or said anything out of turn that causes offence to anyone I apologise. I even sent it to a magazine only to be told that it was arrogant. If it was/is I certainly did not intend that. Far from it! It was simply how I saw things at the time but that is how it was dubbed at the time, and so I duly laid it to rest. That is until today. Now in my late fifties I still find myself pondering over the meaning of life from time to time, but these days I accept that I am right where I am meant to be here and now. For now is what we have and that’s okay. In the original I called the post Earthstearne but decide today Earth’;s Turn seems more appropriate. Image shown was taken in Hawaii. The Ocean symbolises life.

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