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E is for Energy

Everything is energy! Even those things that appear solid are in fact energy but just on a different frequency. Everything vibrates on different frequencies. Everything has a vibration. When I was studying (I use this term loosely) physics at secondary school, I had no interest in the subject whatsoever. I was only doing it because my dad decided I should. He felt academic subjects to be more relevant, and would be more helpful to my future than the arts. It was just the way it was. I had wanted to do arts and crafts but that was not to be when I was at school. Instead of needlework and dance, I did latin and physics. Fast forward to now, I still love arts and crafts but oh my, I actually have feelings of affection for this ‘physics’ or more aptly ‘metaphysics’ thing after all. Sometimes, something just clicks and you think, ahh that’s what the teacher was trying to teach but I just did n’t get it back then, most likely because I had other things on my teenage mind or just maybe he did not explain it that well.

Now, I am no scholar of physics or metaphysics but I have come to realise that there is more to all this ‘field’ of energy than I ever realised. We are energetic beings. We are not human beings living a spiritual existence but rather I feel, spiritual beings living a human existence. I am of course not the first to say this or sense this. I do however feel this, as do many others.

Looking for a sense of purpose, seems to me, to suggest that we have come to learn something. Call it Karma or whatever you want to call it. I believe we are all on a journey. Some of us will get where we are going sooner, and some of us later. Some of us may come back time after time, to learn what has to be learnt, and for some the journey will be longer, more difficult and full of bumps in the road.

I think also, that when we are born, any pre-knowledge/memory of where we have come from is erased. So, as I have heard suggested we are born with a sort of amnesia. That said, we all get moments of deja vu (already seen), which seems to suggest that we have seen something before. Again, this ties in with the idea that we choose this particular human existence, as in our body, our gender, our parents, our place of birth and subsequent locations beforehand, and all the life that ensues. So, perhaps this ‘deja vu’ phenomenon happens because of a sort of blip in the process. The reason we get that deja vu, is I would think, maybe because we have in fact seen our lives ahead of time and arrival on Earth. Perhaps? Maybe? Just sowing a few seeds here.

Last year I read a fascinating book titled, ‘Journey of Souls; Case Studies of Life Between Lives’ by Michael Newton PhD. The book came along at a time when I needed to read about such things, in preparation for dealing with the ideas within its pages. However, many of the ideas he/his case studies raise are not totally alien to me. I have thought along these lines before. I wrote the poem below back in 2007, and was thinking about these things back then.

Old Souls

Have you ever seen a baby,

When it first comes to this world?

All wizened, wrinkled, wonderful,

An Old Soul promptly hurled.

Not all of them are Old Souls though,

But there are some and many,

Who chose their parents this time,

Where before, they had not any.

They travel through a tunnel,

From a warm place called a womb;

This is just the physical,

Sensation – we assume.

Yet, there is so much more,

To this process of creation:

Revelations do unveil a plan,

Mankind’s celebration.

Old Souls travel daily,

Back, from whence they came;

Sometimes, the same circle,

Sometimes, familiar names.

More often than not they come,

Memory wiped and quite erased;

To recommence the lessons,

They got wrong, in the last phase.

They come back from the afterlife,

Life infused, re-polished,

They come back for redemption, some –

Some all their sins abolished.

The circle thus continues,

Goes round and round again

Until Sin is thus relinquished and

Goodness is maintained.

If you believe in Karma,

You know this could be true

That our children we give birth to,

Could be our parents too.

Not in this life ,I grant you,

But maybe once some other,

We choose our pathways, in advance

Choose who’ll be our Others.

© Liola Lee 2007

Thought to show this just to demonstrate that I really was thinking about such things years ago.

For me the idea that ‘we are not our bodies’ resonates with how I think about things. We are these wonderful bundles of energy and light inhabiting these amazing miracles that are our bodies which act as vehicles to carry us forward. Eventually the body we inhabit dies, and that loving light and pure energy within leaves the physical body but here’s the thing, the Energy never dies. It just changes form.

E is for energy. The energy lives on.


Liola x

Image is of beautiful sunset, captured in Tankerton, Kent, Summer 2020

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