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Dear Mummy…

Dear Mummy,

‘What a beautiful difference one single life made.’ (Author Unknown)

I saw this quote as I was searching for something to say about you, that would somehow capture what it is that I feel to say. There is so much I want to say, so many words, memories, stories and anecdotes that fill up the recesses of my tired mind. A treasure trove of times remembered, moments shared and lives lived. Laughter times, happy times, crying times, and so much more besides.

You were so much more than just our Mum, you were our friend, our confidante, our defender, nurturer and protector. You loved us unconditionally, and with abandon, right until you drew your last breath here on Earth. Upon that last breath you whispered in the quietest of whispers “I love you”. You whispered it four times. One time for each of us. We were your girls right until the end. They were the last words you spoke before you left to join Daddy, to once more dance cheek to cheek.

You taught us to be the best that we could be, and taught us to do our best and that our best was good enough.You were a Mum in a million, just as Daddy was a Dad in a million. You with Daddy taught us about being a team, and working together. You taught us about give and take, and that sometimes you had to compromise.

You taught us to love thy neighbour and to give everyone a second chance but mostly you taught us how to love. You were a brilliant Mum, always doing the best for us! You never had the joy of knowing your Mum but you made sure that we had our Mum, always there and always on side.

These few words are not enough to paint the picture that was you, and simply touch the surface but just for now, they are as much as I care to share.

Image of our Mum captured c1953 while Nurse training

Thank you!

We love you, now and always! xxxx

(The featured image to the right is of our Mum and Dad sharing a tender moment in July 2013, just a few months before my Dad slipped away to the world of spirit).

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  1. How beautiful and lovely, and the photos make it even more so. Thanks for sharing, Liola. Much love to the memory of your mom, and of your dad, and their tenderness and good example; and much love to you and your siblings, too. 💗💐

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    • Thank you Nadine! Felt a bit lost this last five weeks. We laid her to rest on Friday which has made me feel lighter. I know all will be okay and just going to do my best in life. You are always so kind! Hope you are keeping well and that life is being kind to you! 💞xoxo

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  2. Beautiful and Lovely liola as was the one you read out at nannies funeral, love and miss nannies dearly . You 4 girls done nannies proud and grandad would of been proud to thats why the sun was shining as they were both proud of you all xxxxxx

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    • Thank you so much Laura! Your kind words mean so much! My Mum and Dad are still with us as is Aaron, in Isla, Charlie and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. My Mum had a truly soft spot for you and thought Aaron had a lovely girl in you! 💕xxxxxx


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