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Today is the day ~ Dust

Today is the day when I am thinking about piles. No, not the sort of haemorrhoid type of piles if that is what you were thinking about? No, not those but you would be forgiven for jumping to that conclusion. I am referring to piles of stuff assembled in one and many places lying one upon the other, as in papers, books, clothes, magazines, CDs, DVDs, leaves, and all manner and matter of things that take up room within every room in my house and garden. I use the term ‘garden’ loosely here, when a more appropriate description would be back yard with dirt lawn, inasmuch as where there should be a lawn, is in fact just dirt, no more, no less, just dirt, brown and flat, well not so flat as the dogs like to dig up the dirt on a near daily basis, making piles of dirt, and them not even moles.  Though just now, said dirt is becoming covered with leaves falling from the mighty Lime Flower tree which occupies the bottom right corner and stretches skywards and reaches out overhead across the garden creating a natural canopy which is mostly green during Spring and Summer, turning to yellow in Autumn then a branchy brown in Winter. Summer green to Autumnal yellow is the order of the day just now along with raking, sweeping and clearing. 

 You see, the thing is, I am surrounded by the stuffing of life. Those things that find their way into my surrounding space. Some of those there things, are mine, many are not. I try to tidy up and organise things but find that, all I do is move piles about from place to place. Basically, I pick it up from one place and put it down somewhere else. So, not really tidying or organising, more transference for want of a better word. Piles in my domain is just another name for clutter, mess and chaos. But then did not Nietzsche say something about or along the lines of ‘Out of chaos comes order’. I must wonder when that ‘order’ will come into my life or if it will indeed come at all? Will it come when I least expect it, waking up one day to find that a sense of calm has at last come forward to claim this here space as a clutter free zone? Or will I have to adopt a strategy of some sort to counter the effects of said chaos?   I try, I really do, to create a calm, uncluttered cocoon where me and mine, and our furry friends brigade of three dogs and a cat can find comfort and sanctuary from the world beyond these walls but on all occasions, at least in this house I have failed miserably. If clearing the clutter, and de-piling the piles were an ‘O’ Level (giving my age away now) then my results would have awarded me a great big fat ‘unclassified’.

Oh, I forgot to mention the piles of dust. Dust is a huge issue in this house. One dusts the house, one hoovers, one polishes even sometimes, when one is in the mood and the Domestic Goddess within makes a rare and most welcome appearance. The darling deity of domesticity descends occasionally, she really does, she does her Mrs Mop impression, smiles satisfactorily when the chores are done, takes a bow and then disappears to wherever it was she came from. The sparkle and shine of Mr Sheen’s lemon and bees wax gleams and glistens momentarily, for one turns one’s back, for just a short while, and when one turns back that bloody pile of dust is piling up on every visible and not so visible surface all over again. The dust demons are descending dustily once more. It’s becoming a personal vendetta between me and the dust, and I hate to say but the dust is bringing me down because the dust is playing dirty.

So, with all the piles, all the mess, all the clutter, and all that dust you would think that I would put my hands up, admit defeat and say, “I’m done” but I will not be defeated. I shall retreat for a bit, while reading ‘The Life Changing Magic’ by Marie Kondo which tells all about how most of us, me included or me especially are doing our tidying all wrong. Time to take a different approach to this pile problem, clutter, mess and mostly this despicable dust and dare to do it differently, to see what happens and to see if Miss Kondo’s approach can do.

Not written anything particularly wonderful here I know but I must write something, anything. Whether it means anything or not at this juncture is unimportant. The thing is to write, write and write some more until something wonderful happens on the page, and patterns start to emerge, and sentences start to make sense, and ideas start to spring forth. So, to that end this post is merely a short workout of words.

Thank you for popping by. Please pop by again and see if the dust has settled or the dust has cleared. 

Wish you a good evening!

Blessed be!

Liola x

Image shows pile of books. Piles like this are commonplace all over the house. Image captured on iPone

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October 2021
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