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Aargh I say and aargh again!!

Just not getting on too well with this thing called ‘block editor’ on this here platform called WordPress. Try as I might, it just does n’t seem to want to play ball. Well perhaps some of the time but definitely not all the time. Try as I might, I am not really getting the hang of it yet. I can see there is lots on there, that in the grand scheme of things should make for a better site/blog experience but all I am experiencing just now is frustration and an editing process which at times seems to have a mind of its own. .

I am not one to give up easily, and believe in progress and adaptation but I find that ‘block editor’ is not really geared towards the ordinary folk of Blogland. Why did they have to change it from the Classic Editor? What was so wrong with the Classic Editor anyway? I have grown up with the notion that if something is n’t broken, it does n’t need fixing.

Even as I write this, unless I keep actively changing the text colour and the font size, it just seems to revert to default. Yes, truly frustrating! I came to WordPress from GoDaddy a couple of years back. My initial experience was good but with the introduction of ‘block editor’ I find it more complex, and more involved which is great if you have the time to put into studying the technicalities. I saw today that WordPress are advertising courses to learn how to use it and navigate through the editing jungle. However, when I signed up to dear old WP, it was partly because of its simplicity and user friendly approach. I have no inclination to sign up for courses or are these courses free and then maybe I could be persuaded lol?

I have been thinking of jumping ship or rather platform and seeking out a more simplified blogging experience but as yet I am undecided on that score but we shall see. If I should somehow manage to work out the machinations of the ‘block editor’ and find my way around the block I may stay put but we shall see. Only time will tell.

I apologise for moaning but needed to get that out there. It was only because while I was working on my other site, my new site The Tulip Tree, everything seemed to disappear but somehow, I managed to retrieve what I had already done. Breathe! Breathe and breathe some more! Ahhh!! Feeling so much better now. Thank you for reading. Would be pleased to hear your own thoughts on ‘block editor’ and just maybe it will encourage me to persevere. After all, they say nothing worthwhile is easy or something like that.

Wish everyone a great weekend and happy writing!

Blessed be!

Liola x

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November 2021
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