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The Way of Words

I wonder how many of us play it safe when we write about things. After all it’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Let’s face it words can bring down governments and make complete ‘fuck ups’ of families. I kid you not on these last two. Words wield power. 

Words bring people together or drive them apart. Words once said cannot be unsaid, and there lies the problem as to why so many people hang back in their writing. It’s this knowing that once the words are out there, they are open to criticism, rejection and ridicule even. Worse than that even, is that someone, anyone will not deem them worthy of reading. I’ll be honest and say, I have held back in my writing many times apart from in my journals but even sometimes in them for fear of them falling into the wrong hands and being read by the wrong people or even the right people. Also, partly from the fear of being criticised or from being worried that my words could have the power to bring someone down in some way that they felt unable to deal with. So, there have been times when I have written half heartedly and held back from what it is that I really want to write, say and express. How sad is that! (A statement here rather than a question). Though it could work as a question too. After all, in order to find answers, we have to ask the right questions.

It is suggested that if you want to be a Writer, you should write about something you know about. Furthermore, you should write with integrity. Therefore, writing is about living your truth and putting it into words on the page through your characters, plot and action, unless of course you are writing non-fiction. Oh, and of course to be a Writer you must in fact write. The art of Writing requires self discipline to sit down and write every day. Does n’t matter what you write just so long as you write something, anything rather than nothing. It can be bad writing, good writing, creative writing, free flow writing, notes, poetry, journalling, documenting, diarising, fact, fiction, nonsense and more. You just have to write, write and write some more, and keep working at it.

And what about this thing called Writer’s Block that so many of us Wordsmiths refer to? I have  claimed to suffer this on more than one occasion but on these or is it those occasions, I have written about me having Writer’s block, just so I can write about something. A few words, a lot of words, a sentence or two a paragraph, a page, more than a page, a chapter and then another one. Keep going, keep writing and then eventually one day soon or not soon, it does n’t matter, you may find yourself  with a first draft. I heard somewhere that all first drafts are pretty shitty (Stephen King in his book on Writing maybe? I’ll have to check) but a shitty something is better than no shit at all. If you can get all your shit together, you may just create something wonderful that someone wants to read and not put down straight away.

Just thought I’d pop by the Blogosphere briefly. I hope everyone is okay and staying safe and healthy? Sending everyone my best wishes and hoping your writing goals are flourishing and that your creative spark is shining brightly. May words unlimited be finding their way out of your imagination and landing on some page space.

Blessed be!

© Liola Lee 2021

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November 2021
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