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Rose of Autumn

White rose of Autumn, Echoes eerily, elusive – Sinking Moon in solitude, Reassuringly reticent. Yellow rose of Autumn, Glows golden, glistening – Shining Sun in solitude, Magnificently majestic. Pink rose […]
Rose of Autumn

I am

I am perfect as I am or maybe not perfect a mind made sham. In the mirror, I look, I see a fat persona, a big fat me. Accept what […]

Call me

confusion reigns just now for me life moves forward then steps back three this way that way a choice to make a chance a risk shall I take? taking time […]


© LiolaPhotographic 2019 Hyena symbolism teaches us about balance and realising our own powers. Hyenas are social animals and community, or a sense of community is a big thing! They […]

Lucky Ducks

  © LiolaPhotographic 2012 You have the resources to navigate your life! Be that mentor, guide or interpreter for others! Share your knowledge and have faith in your own abilities. […]
Lucky Ducks

Bring on Monday

Tangled up inside my head lost within where thoughts are fed overthinking all and sundry exploding inwards bring on Monday © Liola Lee 2019    


Among other things Daisies are said to symbolise New Beginnings.  Just thought to share this image with you and wish you every success in any new ventures or projects that […]

Blog on!

When you suddenly come to the long overdue conclusion that you have actually  been doing this blogging thing all wrong! Or maybe going about it in the wrong way! Yep, […]


Ill-chosen lyrics, a well-loved tune? Child of the Sun, child of the Moon? Where once reigned daylight Now shadow led night. Where once there was vision Eyes blind without sight. […]

Sister Bitch

The pain and suffering caused to those The accusations, that were imposed The broken ties, hearts and bonds, Loving friendship thus absconds.   The twisted tales and lies were told […]

Child with a tear…

So much destruction, so much despair, wherever you look, are those who don’t care. All about money, all about greed, all about oil, not how we grow feed.   Powerful […]


© LiolaPhotographic 2019 Elephants are considered to be a good luck symbol all over the world. They symbolise strength, family, loyalty, endurance and so much more! Truly magnificent animals!! Image […]