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I am going off for a quiet weekend of coupledom to celebrate my 57th birthday, and my 35th wedding anniversary. Just getting this far in life is an achievement when […]

~ Women have balls too ~

The British are a football crazy nation and football fever reaches new heights whenever there is a cup final on the horizon. However, at times when our football heroes such […]

What makes a good Writer?

What makes a good writer?’ is a difficult question for a would be writer to answer with any degree of accuracy. It is certainly worth due consideration at the start […]

In a perfect world ~

In a perfect world, there’d be no wars, famine, poverty, no settling of scores. In a perfect world, there’d be contentment, smiles, goodwill, no resentment. In a perfect world, there’d […]


gangs glamorised on the street youths hooded with designer feet blades set to cut human meat loaded weapons no thought to heat a child murdered in his bed bastard bullet […]

Rebel without a cause…

I started this website back in September with lots of enthusiasm but not much else. I had absolutely no idea really what to write about. I just wanted to […]


Let me introduce you to my beautiful horse River seen here in the picture. First of all, I apologise for not being on here much lately but life has been […]


Last night I had the strangest of dreams! There was a pregnant man. Yes, I said a pregnant man. How can that be you may well ask. From what I […]