Last Innings

I only managed three shots before the Sun finally went down. This is why I titled the picture ‘Last Innings’. A couple of minutes later I would have missed it altogether. So, when it comes to capturing a Sunset or a Sunrise, preparation is key as in many things.

All that said, I hope the picture brings you a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Just now, I am trying to navigate my way around this new editor on Word Press. Not getting on too well with it just now but I guess change makes for progress. Hopefully, things will seem clearer to me soon but for now, I thought to post a picture until I begin to fathom things out, find my way and gain some sort of direction.

Still not sure where this ‘Blog thing’ is taking me. Sometimes I think I will just delete it, and have one thing less to do but so far I have resisted that. Anyway, we shall see.

Sending you best wishes always…

Blessed be…


(Image captured in Tankerton, Kent. Exposure settings 1/60 sec; f/16; ISO 250; Aperture Priority)

In search of me…

Hello to you from me.

Not been on here properly for a while as just taking some time to rediscover me. Just trying to reignite that spark within which has lost some of its glow. As I am not writing anything of note on here just now, I thought I would post a picture of a Straw Flower to wish you joy on whatever journey you find yourself on in this gift of life. Yellow is the colour of friendship and joy and of course everything connected to the Sun. I captured it on totally manual settings 1/125 sec f/11 ISO 400. I am in the process of resurrecting my photography business and practicing my skills.

I wish you all well always and hope you enjoy my picture as a token of Blograderie.

Blessed be!


Time Out…

Sometimes we have to take a step or a few steps back to catch our breath, take stock and maybe look at things from a different standpoint, perspective, whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own minds, where the voices inside our heads clamour for attention giving us little or no peace at all.

We get side tracked,  we get lost, we go off at a tangent with no real sense of direction, no longer knowing where it is that we wanted to go in the first place. No wonder at times we feel lost, alone and a little stir crazy.

So, stepping back and even letting go of some stuff is a good thing! Actually, a great thing!

Anyway, hello again. It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. Not because I did not want to but because I just did not know what to say, write, feel or even want to if I am honest but no, I did want to but was lost for words really. so there you have it. I have been feeling lost BUT I have decided to get a grip, give myself a kick and get myself out of this lockdown mentality. We are our own Gaolers (is that the right spelling?)

Life is what we choose to make it if we so choose to make it anything, and do you know what? I am in charge of my life, I hold the reins, the steering wheel, the accelerator and the brakes, I get to choose!

I choose a life of joy, adventure, ups and downs. I choose to live it my way, doing those things that make me feel alive.

So, here I am once more, for better for worse; in sickness and in health; for richer for poorer (though I would prefer richer). Not going to say ‘until death do us part’ as don’t like that bit!

That’s it for now! That’s all I have to say at this time! Oh, apart from I send you my very best wishes!

Blessed be!


© Liola Lee 2020






The Charioteer

Life throws, and sometimes hurls challenges and obstacles at us as we try to steer our lives in this direction and that direction. We do not always know where we are going, and often feel directionless at times, with no real destination in mind or even planned for. Somehow, we manage to navigate our way (goodness knows how when our map reading skills are non-existent), and end up getting from A to B with few diversions and pitstops along the way. That’s how it is for some people but maybe not for most people, and definitely not for me!  Why it is like that I cannot say? Still trying to work things out as I go. At other times most likely, and more often than not, we run around in continuous circles, constantly covering the same old ground, lost and frustrated at why we have no clue to where we truly want to go. We wonder why we end up stuck in the same old place over and over, stumbling and bumbling over bumps, humps and stumps in the rubbly road of repetition? Repeating the same old patterns that got us stuck in the first place. What is wrong with us that we become like hamsters on a wheel going round and round, round and round, until we become quite dizzy and disheartened with the monotony of appearing to be on the move? In reality we are still in the same place that we started when we first got on the wheel. We are really in need of a wakeup call, and a proverbial kick, up where the sun does not shine! We need to snap out of our self-imposed place of ‘stuckness’ (not a real word yet but it could be one day).

The truth is, we are all in control if we did but know it or more aptly believe it to be so. We are Charioteers in our own lives, holding the reins with the power to choose going this way or that way? That way or this? We can alter the way we go, how we go and where we go at any given time. We can choose left or right or straight ahead, even backwards if that is what we want, though if we go backwards, we are not going forwards, so maybe we don’t want to go backwards. It’s all about giving a little here and there, taking up the reins and pulling back when necessary, and even letting go if need be. I am of course talking metaphorically here, and not suggesting you drive a real Chariot and let go, or maybe even then you could just put your trust in the horses and let them lead the way. Horses probably have more sense than us when it comes to trusting their instincts. We do have a tendency to dither, duck, dive, distract and divert off course. The point is that we can keep driving our chariot on that circle or we can come off the track and take a chance and dare to do things differently. Let’s look inside the circle, outside the circle and see what else there is within and beyond, for there is much to see if we open our eyes. The circle is a wonderful symbol as it reminds as that life is indeed circular by design but, and this is a BIG BUT! We need to step outside the circle from time to time and see what is beyond our comfort zone for outside the circle we may just find what we have been looking for all along.

Be daring! Just do it! Stay safe! Stay well!

Blessed be now and always!


© Liola Lee 2020


Bake, Cakes and Lockdown…


I would have liked to say that Lockdown lingers but linger would, it would be fair to say, be the incorrect word to employ or should I say utilise. Either way, it is a given to Writers or those of us like me (Wannabe Writers) that words need to work on the page, blog or speech where they appear, whether written or spoken out loud, and do their magic as powerfully, precisely and with as much punch as possible.  I am pretty certain or as sure as I can be that, at least for now that most of us are far from reluctant to see lockdown come to an end so ‘linger’ is not appropriate.  For how long lockdown continues remains to be seen, by us the masses, and decided by those in the know who compared to the masses ‘Us’ are the few.  It is a certainty, I think, that come to an end it will but what will life be like on the other side of this crisis that has unceremoniously thrown us all together, pretty much on the same side as it were.

People have been forced to take life at a slower pace (well, maybe apart from the runners who are still running here, there and everywhere weaving in and out of those of us who are wandering along aimlessly not in any hurry or not aimlessly but still in no hurry, while keeping an eye on our social distancing of course). We have all or maybe most of us, not really had much choice but to slow down and become snails in a smaller world, occupying our shells as best as we can.

Listening a little to the radio yesterday, I heard that no one can buy any flour, eggs, or other home baking items. The day before when I took over from my sister to care for our mum (something we do on a rotation system as she is a vulnerable person), my sister mentioned that she had been unable to purchase plain flour. To check it out I went to the shop to see if I could find any to buy for her. I joined the queue for half an hour or so, which was fine as the sun was shining and the weather undeniably warm. We British are experts at queueing. My turn to enter the store came round quickly enough I guess. My husband has queued  for much longer at times in the rain, so I am not complaining. Paying attention to the arrows on the floor, and the lines denoting how much distance to maintain, I eventually got to the home baking aisle. Unfortunately, just as my sister and the radio had said, the shelves were bare. Not a packet of flour to be seen nor even a single egg nor much else in fact. Strangely enough, the bread shelves in the neighbouring aisle were brimming and plenty to be had if you opted for shop bought.

So I ask, as possibly do numerous others ‘Where has all the flour gone?’

In those early weeks of lockdown, not really so long ago in the grand scheme of things if you think about it (though it seems like a lifetime ago now as we head towards the middle of the year); yes, in those weeks back towards the beginning of this horrendous crisis it was the toilet rolls, the cleaning products and the pasta that were flying fast off the shelves. Toilet roll for the first time ever was a newsworthy item. We were more concerned with the wiping of our derriere than we were with food. Though of course that did not last. It was not long before all the fruit and veg were being cleared too! For a while obtaining toilet roll continued to be a bone of contention. How times change from one moment to the next.

Things have calmed down now, and the panic buying during the earlier part of this ‘pig’ of a pandemic (I like Pigs and mean no disrespect to these omnivorous animals) has largely lost the momentum it had earlier on. So now, we can wipe our backsides, eat Italian and get our five a day if we so choose.

But I repeat, ‘Where has all the flour gone?’

It sounds a bit like the line of a song but is n’t yet, unless someone like the fabulously funny Matt Lucas gets all creative and  composes a follow up to ‘Thank You Baked Potato’, which if you have not heard it look it up as it is truly funny, while at the same time raising money for our wonderful NHS and encouraging thorough hand hygiene. Getting back to the flour; it seems everyone has suddenly become a baker, cake maker and King or Queen of the kitchen. Everyone wants to be a Mary Berry, a Jamie Oliver or a Nigella Lawson. This fascination with food is not new. Food is a big deal! You only have to scroll through social networking platforms to see how popular a topic it is, and with everyone being confined under lockdown people are busying themselves in the kitchen making all manner of wonderfully delectable culinary delights. In the main, cakes and home made bread seem to be the order of the day. So at least now we know where all the flour has gone. The British and not British public (we live in a culturally diverse society) have donned their aprons and are getting creative in the kitchen. When all is said and done, which it nearly is as I need to get something to eat as all this talk of cakes is making me hungry; people slowing down, spending time baking, making, mending, decorating and creating and spending quality time with their families is a good thing.

I wonder what life will be like after the lockdown, the social distancing, the queueing, food shortages and restrictions? I wonder if we will learn the lessons that are presenting themselves in this larger than life scenario? Will we remember to be grateful for the small things, the big things and of course each other? Will we continue to be good neighbours, better parents, and better all round humans beings after all this becomes just a memory?

I hope so! Stay well, stay safe and just for now continue to stay home and if you are out and about, in the words of Sting (Popstar for those who are not familiar), ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ , not yet anyway.

Happy baking!

Be blessed!

© Liola Lee 2020

Just writing away a bit of time this afternoon. As I sat at my keyboard, I did not really know what I was going to write, if anything (that happens sometimes…alot), so just went with whatever came to mind. It’s certainly no masterpiece but it at least gets my writing muscle exercising a little, and my brain into gear. The image is of my birthday cake last year  captured on my iPhone (made for me by my lovely talented friend Elaine). This time last year we were travelling back from beautiful Somerset in the West Country and stopped by my friend’s house in the lovely village of Croscombe. We were treated to a delicious lunch and then I was presented with this lovely and truly delicious work of art.