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No holding of hands…

Who would have thought that we would be here? A viral spreading the length of the land Just elbows, no hugging, No holding of hands. Who would have believed a […]

Burnt Toast

I burnt the toast. Forgot to watch; Blackened smoke, Nearly choked.   Silly me Forgot to watch; I burnt the toast, Nearly roast.   Silly me Forgot to watch Burning […]

Here and there ~ Part 2

In those early joyous days, in times long gone now far away; rational reason still to gain; thought from heart, vacant brain. ‘I think, therefore I am’ once said a […]

Here and there ~ Part 1

When sky was blue and sea was green and sun gave light to day: knights in shining armour rode against the four Winds, on quests to do battle for honour and love. […]


slumbering in earthen graves some known others not flesh on bones left to rot faceless now lost in caves laying long in dirty trenches waiting for death to come bloodied […]

I am

I am perfect as I am or maybe not perfect a mind made sham. In the mirror, I look, I see a fat persona, a big fat me. Accept what […]

Call me

confusion reigns just now for me life moves forward then steps back three this way that way a choice to make a chance a risk shall I take? taking time […]

Bring on Monday

Tangled up inside my head lost within where thoughts are fed overthinking all and sundry exploding inwards bring on Monday © Liola Lee 2019    


Ill-chosen lyrics, a well-loved tune? Child of the Sun, child of the Moon? Where once reigned daylight Now shadow led night. Where once there was vision Eyes blind without sight. […]

Sister Bitch

The pain and suffering caused to those The accusations, that were imposed The broken ties, hearts and bonds, Loving friendship thus absconds.   The twisted tales and lies were told […]

Child with a tear…

So much destruction, so much despair, wherever you look, are those who don’t care. All about money, all about greed, all about oil, not how we grow feed.   Powerful […]

State of no fear…

I am here, I am now, I am there, but how? Mindful inner eye, as wide-angled lens at once comprehends – The totality of me, wild running free; wind in my […]

In a perfect world ~

In a perfect world, there’d be no wars, famine, poverty, no settling of scores. In a perfect world, there’d be contentment, smiles, goodwill, no resentment. In a perfect world, there’d […]