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Reboot, start over, begin afresh all messed up like tangled mesh. New beginnings, start again crush the niggles, aches and pain. Reboot, reboot, take me back, abundance ruled, no thought […]

I am

I am perfect as I am or maybe not perfect a mind made sham. In the mirror, I look, I see a fat persona, a big fat me. Accept what […]


Ill-chosen lyrics, a well-loved tune? Child of the Sun, child of the Moon? Where once reigned daylight Now shadow led night. Where once there was vision Eyes blind without sight. […]

Sister Bitch

The pain and suffering caused to those The accusations, that were imposed The broken ties, hearts and bonds, Loving friendship thus absconds.   The twisted tales and lies were told […]


Pour the coffee love,                      I’ve not got long; make it hot, make it strong. I’m late for work, hurry up! […]